Will the price of the PS5 rise? Hypotheses and theories, let’s talk about it

It’s not a golden time for Sony, though PS5 has reached 21 million consoles distributed, PlayStation profits fell 37% and this also led to a 7% drop in the stock market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Japanese company is clashing with PS5 production and distribution issues And with player involvement in decline and Sony is working internally to address these issues. We know that from next fall PlayStation 5 production should be stepped up and with the arrival of new games, software sales are expected to increase, particularly thanks to the launch of a giant like God of War Ragnarok expected on November 9th.

In recent days there has also been talk of a possible price increase of PS5hypothesis that the CFO of Sony, Hiroki Totoki, did not directly denymerely declaring that “regarding a potential PS5 price hike, there is currently nothing specific I can share.

Is it really conceivable then that the price of PS5 could increase in the coming months? Sony itself has recently raised the price of many products in its lineup such as cameras, Blu-Ray players, home theater systems, headphones, speakers and televisions.

The price of Meta Quest 2 will increase by $ 100this because production and distribution costs have increased significantly due to numerous factors including the pandemic, inflation, shortage of semiconductors and of course the rising cost of raw materials and fuel needed to transport products around the world.

In such a scenario, can we hypothesize a price change for PlayStation 5? It would be a kind of “unicum“as far as gaming consoles are concerned, products that usually suffer a drop in price over the years rather than an upward adjustment. A scenario therefore unprecedented (or almost) and if it is true that it has repeatedly happened to come across prices higher in Italy (think of the 409.99 euros of the PS4 PRO or the 329 euros of the Nintendo Switch against the 299 US dollars), it is difficult to think about what could happen in the event of an increase in the price list “running“for a product in the middle of its life cycle.

We reiterate how similar cases are quite common in the world of consumer electronics (think of the price of iPhones, which has risen from year to year, as well as smartphones from Samsung or other manufacturers) but are rarer for consoles. Furthermore, we do not know how much a possible increase could correspond: 20 euros, 50 euros, 80 euros, 100 euros?

At the moment it is difficult to make a predictionfor some time, however, there has been talk of a new PS5 on the way with Sony working on an aesthetic restyling and on the usual hardware improvements to optimize consumption and offer a more up-to-date console in terms of design and technical design. It could be this “the excuse“to increase the list of PlayStation 5?

And what do you think, will the price of PS5 really increase or will it remain unchanged? And how will the public react to a possible increase in the price of the Sony console?

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Will the price of the PS5 rise? Hypotheses and theories, let’s talk about it

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