Windows 11 2022 finally available for all users: here are the main news

Panos Panay announced that today Windows 11 2022, this is his name to the public, available in 190 countries around the world, including Italy. The Microsoft CPO underlined how the new version responds to the renewed needs of users in recent years, in terms of functionality and especially security, with Windows 11 introducing a (controversial) system of “integrated basic security”.

Windows 11 2022, 21 news in pictures

According to Panay “Windows 11 is the most used and most loved version of Windows ever”and four key areas were considered for the development of the new version released at the end of 2022: simplicity; productivity; communication, creativity and connectivity; and finally flexibility and safety at work. For all the news of the new operating system, we refer you to ours in-depth study on Windows 11 2022which we published last July.

The 4 areas of innovation of Windows 11 2022

First of all Microsoft tried to make the use of PCs easier and safer for all users. This area includes the news on the start menu, the search function, the quick settings, the Widget interface, with a better selection of news and local events, and also the tabs on the File Explorer. They were then improved accessibility features with the support of system-wide subtitles and the possibility to manage the functions of the PC with the voice only (not yet available in Italy). This area also includes all the news on online security and data privacy, including the control system Smart App which allows you to download any application in total safety, without worries.

Windows 11 2022 it also wants to guarantee higher productivity to its user, especially with complex activities. The new version introduces in this sense a new improved version of the layouts Snapwhich allow you to organize the windows in a more precise way, giving new possibilities, the new features Concentration And Do not disturb and several optimizations to performance and battery life.

Windows 11 2022

As for the creativity and communicationWindows 11 2022 introduces new Windows Studio effects, including improvements based on Artificial Intelligence. Among these we have Voice Focus, which allows you to eliminate background noise from conversations by giving more prominence to your voice, or even Blur background which allows you to blur the background highlighting the subject. The new OS can also maintain eye contact the subject with Eye Contactor still keep the webcam framing on the subject with Automatic Framing. Then there is Clipchamp, for simplified video editing with templates, effects and other content. The new OS also implements several performance optimizations, Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate functions on windowed games, and Game Pass built into Windows 11. With the new version, Microsoft has brought support for Android apps also to international markets, while Microsoft Store Ads are further optimized on the native store to allow developers to obtain greater visibility towards the right customers.

The new version of Windows 11 also introduces various features regarding safety, management and flexibility of work activities. For example, comes the new Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which allows you to detect when the user enters their Microsoft credentials in a potentially malicious app or on a fake website. There are also new features on Windows Hello for Business which, linked to presence sensors, can detect and identify access to the system when the employee approaches it, blocking it when he leaves. Smart App Control, on the other hand, blocks the installation of untrustworthy applications and the use of scripts or macros from suspicious sources. The system leverages the same AI system found on Windows Defender Application Control, and can detect the security of an app in real time, before the system can run it.

More news, on Windows Update and more

With Windows 11 2022 Windows Update “carbon aware”, which makes it easier to reduce carbon emissions for the individual devices that use them. In geographic areas where data on carbon intensity in the air are available, Windows Update can schedule updates at specific times of the day, when the operation could lead to a reduction in carbon emissions because a higher percentage of electricity comes from low-emission sources. Windows 11 2022 it also optimizes the Sleep and Screen Off featuresto further reduce carbon emissions when PCs are idle.

Over the course of the year, further features will arrive, at a higher rate than seen in the past. Starting from October we will see, specifically, the following news:

  • File Explorer improvementsincluding the tab-based interface and a new home screen with quick access to your favorite and recent files.
  • News about the Photos app, which will introduce a new interface for managing photos, a new gallery and a simplified system for browsing and searching for photos in the app. It will also be possible to backup photos to OneDrive, in an easy way.
  • Suggested actions on the copy: With this function, when you copy a phone number, date or other specific information, the system will suggest a quick action to take, such as a call via Teams or Skype, adding an appointment to the Calendar and much more.
  • Share with multiple devices: Windows 11 2022 will introduce a new sharing feature

Windows 11 2022, availability

Windows 11 2022 availability begins today, September 20, however not all systems will receive it on day-one. Microsoft has been using a very conservative distribution system for some time now, in order to prevent missteps by releasing the software on systems that are not fully compatible. However, there are methods for install Windows 11 2022 immediately on your deviceuseful for the more curious (and brave) who do not want to wait for the timing of Microsoft’s roll-out.

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Windows 11 2022 finally available for all users: here are the main news

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