WindTre from 2024 will increase prices following inflation. The clause in all new contracts

WindTre is the first telephone company to officially adjust the price for inflation. TIM, the CEO had already announced, will probably follow shortly. A bit like what happened later with the 28-day billing, it is possible that someone else will take the leap and adapt.

What does it mean? That if inflation rises, the subscription price also risesand all without resulting in a variation of the contractual conditions.

Waiting for an official statement from WindTre that we have asked for, or in any case for a clarification on the matter, the only certainty is that new paragraph added in the terms and conditions of all new contracts get signed by the telephone operator these days, contracts that apply to both landlines and mobiles.

A paragraph that must be analyzed line by line to understand what will happen:

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that, from January 2024, in the event of a positive annual change in the national FOI consumer price index detected by ISTAT in October of the previous year, WINDTRE is entitled to increase the monthly price of the a percentage amount equal to the variation of this index or in any case equal to at least 5% if this variation is lower than that percentage.

The adjustment, applied within the first quarter of each year, does not constitute a contractual modification pursuant to art. 13 of these Contract Conditions and, therefore, does not give the Customer the right to withdraw from the Contract without costs. The amount of the monthly price of the Service, thus adjusted, may be rounded down to the nearest euro cent.

WINDTRE annually reports this adjustment on its website and with publication in a national newspaper in the previous seven calendar days.

First of all, it is understood that, even if the contracts are signed now, there will be no increases until 2024. WindTre has taken a year to ensure that all the contracts of 2023 and of this end of the year are already adapted to the new system.

It is also good to pay attention to the writing “in the event of a positive annual change”: the increase is triggered only and exclusively if inflation increases, even by a few tenths of a percentage point, however no reduction is ever foreseen.

There are two cases: either the price stays the same if inflation falls, or the price rises if inflation rises. The reference value will be the variation detected by ISTAT in October of the previous year, and given that we start in 2024, the reference will be that of October next year.

By how much will prices increase? At least 5%: if the increase in inflation is 2/3%, WindTre will still apply a 5% increase, while if the increase is more substantial, WindTre will apply the inflation rate, rounding it down to the nearest euro cent.

The company also specifies that this is a contractual rule for which the customer acknowledges and accepts, therefore any increase will not be a contractual variation and therefore withdrawal without costs cannot be requested.

At this point it will be necessary to pay close attention both to the new contracts of the other operators and to any promotions / renewals: the risk is that a greedy promotion is used to implicitly accept the new terms. It cannot be excluded, as we have said, that others will follow the same path.

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WindTre from 2024 will increase prices following inflation. The clause in all new contracts

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