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The renderings and hypotheses on the Yamaha R9 are wasted, which the Iwata company has never confirmed. We tell you why it could be the surprise of 2023

January 3, 2023

NoIn 1998 the Yamaha “R” dynasty began: the R1, passing first through the YZF R Thunderace, took the place in the sports family of the glorious acronym FZR which had made its debut in the segment of 1000 cc maxi sports cars with a 5-speed gearbox: a refined and high-performance motorcycle which, in a possible crazy challenge of top speed would probably have lost a few kilometers to the most racing competitors of the time.

It was 1987 and the word Genesis evoked endurance and technology; in any case, the history of Iwata’s hypersports continued to evolve but it was only with the 1998 R1 that there was a decisive and noticeable leap in planning, performance, design: something that few modern sports bikes (we can think of CBR 900 RR FireBlade or the Suzuki GSX750R) were able to unleash. The YZF-R1 had 150 horses and true racer behavior thanks to the low weight and wheelbase under 1,400 mm, the world of hypersports had definitely turned another page. Now the R1 is in its seventh incarnation, constantly evolving and there is even talk of a seamless gearbox for its next evolution. Which could be presented in 2023, just 25 after the debut of the original model.

Lhowever, in 2023 it could also be suitable for another debut that can complete the line-up of the “Rs”, that of the hypothetical R9 which has been talked about for two years now and which on several occasions has contributed to fueling its mystery thanks to the news relating to the logo registration and in the R9 brand.

In fact, it seems plausible that an R9 could fill the gap in the Iwata sports range, where between the 73.4 horsepower R7 (possibly detunable for the A2) and the 200 nearly 130 gap horses dance. With a power of around 120 horsepower and a chassis borrowed from the MT-09 (following the same pattern shown for the MT-07/R7, MT-10/R1, MT-03/R3…), the R9 would be easy to produce and – we imagine – beautiful to drive.

All good, all great but… Yamaha hasn’t confirmed anything about it. However, given that the project would seem to have been in the works for at least a couple of years, we think that the moment for the official launch (if there ever will be: we repeat that these are only guesses) 2023 may be long, when the R1 will blow out 25 candles and when it is said it will be revealed too a celebratory model of the sporty maxi. On this point the renderings have started to waste again (at the beginning that of Young Machine, Japanese media generally very knowledgeable about these events…) which needless to say, take up one of the wonderful debut graphics of the 1998 R1.

Opening photo: Young Machine

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Yamaha R9, the perfect gift for the R1’s 25th anniversary – News – Moto.it

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