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With the arrival of 2023, the usual list of unmissable tech gadgets for the new year cannot be missing! Also available on Amazon!

The new year has already arrived for a few days and 2023 promises to be a year full of hope: we are all making the usual list of good resolutions that we will try to respect to the best of our ability, but unfortunately we are not always able to respect it to the end .
Alternatively, there is still another juicy list to follow, namely that of 10 must-have tech gadgets for 2023.

Put aside all the savings you have accumulated during the Christmas holidays because the new year arrives in the name of tech. 10 products that are both very useful and ultra-technological that you absolutely must have! All these products can also be found on Amazon and you can order them and have them delivered directly to your home!

Floating Flyte lamp

Buying a lamp in 2023 with rising electricity costs may not be the best choice, but what if I told you that there is a lamp that levitates thanks to a magnetic field? Well yes, the Flyte Lamp is available on Amazon Italy decorative that works without internal batteries and without cables, but only thanks to an induction stand remote that manages to float in the air thanks to a magnetic field!

It is an A++ energy class LED lamp, therefore with very low consumption and is also very long-lasting, moreover it seems to really see something magical!

Flyte lamp: Buy it on Amazon

Floating vase

floating flower pot

If having a lamp floating on your desk isn’t enough for you, Flyte also offers a vase that floats thanks to a magnetic field: the Flyte Lyfe!

A vase with a futuristic geometric shape in metal with a silicone coating that levitates on a black oak base. It is ideal for many seedlings, especially indoor ones of course.

Flyte Life: Buy it on Amazon

Polaroid Now Plus

new polaroids

The dear and old ones”Polaroids“, do you remember them? The fantastic instant photographs that after a single shot were already beautiful and ready.

They were hugely successful in the 70s and 80s, but now they’re back in fashion and Amazon is selling a set with a Polaroid Now Plus camera complete with various color film for just €129.99.

Polaroid Now Plus | Buy it on Amazon

Ultra-fast USB flash drive

ultra-fast usb stick

Once all the photos have been taken, obviously you will also need a fairly fast and capacious support to transfer all the files: Amazon recommends the Team USB flash drive both 512 GB and 1 TB.

This incredible pendrive can transfer files at a speed of 500 Mb per second!

Ultra-fast USB stick | Buy it on Amazon

Electric lighter

electric lighter

Have you ever used an electric lighter? A tech gadget that apparently doesn’t seem very useful, but which actually solves many situations that it can’t solve with a classic lighter. Thanks to its elongated model, we can light stoves and candles without the risk of burning ourselves with the flames, and we can also recharge it using a very classic USB socket.

Amazon Italy offers the VEHHE Electric Lighter a €15.99 in 5 different colours: black, grey, red, yellow and blue!

Hi-Tech Electric Lighter | Buy it on Amazon

AirTag with leather keychain

airtag keychain

How many times have we been late for work or for an appointment because we started looking for the house or car keys? Well with this very useful product you will have no more problems.

It is about theAirTag with leather keychain available on Amazon at €9.99 in four colours: blue, red, brown and black. The Airtag can send a GPS signal even over long distances and thanks to the leather keychain you can attach it to your set of keys to find it in an instant!

AirTag keychain | Buy it on Amazon

Rechargeable screwdriver

Rechargeable screwdriver

Having a toolbox at home is always useful, but if this is also tech then it’s even more beautiful.

Amazon Italy offers the Xiaomi rechargeable screwdriver with a truly assorted kit of 12 tips, and obviously easily rechargeable via a USB-C port; it also has an LED light to illuminate the place where we are working to use it even in the dark. The cost is 55€.

Xiaomi screwdriver | Buy it on Amazon

Health ring

heart smart tracking ring

Always keeping an eye on blood pressure values, heart rate and other data of our body is always useful, especially when we are away from home or are training.

A cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch can be for example thering that monitors health, which is worn like a very ordinary ring but manages to perceive the values ​​of our body! Amazon Italy offers Skylabs CART-I, the ring that manages to register a complete ElectroCardiogram at 399€!

Heart Monitor Ring | Buy it on Amazon

Sonos Portable Speaker and Soundbar

sonos soundbars

To listen to music at home loud and clear, but also to carry it around wherever you want, Sonos offers the ultra-light, waterproof portable speaker complete with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and the Soundbar to be placed comfortably in your room, perhaps above the TV for playing music and sound.

Compact and elegant compatible with Apple AirPlay and of course Sonos App a €299.

Sonos Portable Speaker | Buy it on Amazon
Sonos soundbars| Buy it on Amazon

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You can’t miss them | 10 Tech Gadgets to have at any cost –

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