AC Milan-Inter challenge, two points ahead are not enough. Leao and Dimarco additional weapons

from Mario Sconcerti

Milan and Inter have each won in their own way: the Rossoneri have attacking limits, but Leao has race, power, class. Now they have two difficult matches, Verona and Atalanta. The Nerazzurri must win them all, Dimarco the extra weapon

Milan and Inter have won, each in their own way. Milan deserved in the second half when they finally got into the rhythm of the match, pushing a well-organized Fiorentina into his half. Milan’s offensive limits have been confirmed, but they now count for little. They report, not history. They tell of a department to be strengthened and of a now habitual suffering to get to the result, but the goal somehow always comes. And there are only three games to go, no more time to think about the limits. Leao scored on a missed goalkeeper throw, but it was not a simple goal. Leao started thirty meters from the door, took Milenkovic in the shot, narrowed just in the center and hit hard. An elementary but complete goal that perhaps, despite the goalkeeper’s mistake, only Leao could score in Milan because it was a combination of race, power and class. Leao became the total difference of Milanchanges the games with his mere presence.

I don’t believe, for example, about Odriozola’s injury in Fiorentina. Almost logical that the technician wanted mark Leao with his best defender, Milenkovic. But by moving him to the wing, he would have only had one central defender, Igor. Thus an injury to Odriozola intervened in whose place Venuti played, at least full-time defender. What strengthens the concept of AC Milan is its application on the pitch. He loses many moments of the match, as he looks at the clock and preferred to mistake the problem of the first goal for calm. But when it attacks across the board, at San Siro like a week ago with Laziocrush the opponent, invent solutions. Not a perfect Milan, but a Milan that feels the victory on its shoulders and finds the strength to carry it forward.

Inter did it all what he hadn’t done in Bologna
. He ran straight away, he got into the rhythm of the game with his best men, of course Brozovic, but also Barella, again immediate, therefore decisive. But also with Marco’s, Inzaghi’s invention for this twisted championship finale. Dimarco sums up Inzaghi’s dissatisfaction and his progress. Inzaghi has always played with a defender who came forward, but not like Dimarco for technical quality and mentality. Inzaghi’s right man on the wings was Lulic for years, a quality hybrid that kept the whole team in balance, from right to left, but always as fifth. what he sees now in Darmian on the other side.

But in this final of acceleration and maturity Inzaghi tries to go beyond himself, sometimes unbalances Inter because he chases. He plays with Dimarco, Perisic, almost always Dumfries, that is, he plays with only two regular defenders, Skriniar and De Vrij. In fact, Udinese with Deulofeu often questions the Inter defense, Udinese pushes the ball well into the area. But in the end he decides the difference of having Dimarco. This confirms the growth of the player but also of the coach. It goes without saying that when the team changes, a lot of disorder always arrives in the final twenty minutes. Inter is a team of twelve to thirteen players, no more. The rest are alien shards. The somewhat messy ending is part of the changes and emotion.

For Inter too won in the midst of a massive exodus of its people in distant Udine, a very civilized city, but queues and queues on the May Day motorway. Three days from the end, the two points advantage are many, but they are not enough. Inter are heading towards two good matches with Empoli and Sampdoria (now saved), plus an uncomfortable match especially for Cagliari. clear that he must win them all. Milan now have Verona away and Atalanta at home. Not very easy. But very nice.

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AC Milan-Inter challenge, two points ahead are not enough. Leao and Dimarco additional weapons

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