Acerbi also sees Udine: Inter find a holder, De Vrij and Bastoni warned

The defender convinced in Plzen, Inzaghi thinks about confirmation. Not only central: the place will also be played with the left-handed

It is also worth weighing the words. Not just reading them, listening to them. Of the evening of Plzen, of the rivers of beer and chatter, two words remain in the head: appearance and stopgap. Synonyms for a day or perhaps forever, denial of what Leo by definition will never be. The Lion is Francesco Acerbi, who promised to his friends in the days of his (longed-for) signing with Inter: “I’m going there to play”. Here, a repeated concept urbi et orbi in the Czech Republic, reinforced if possible, held up by a practically perfect debut. And it wasn’t obvious, no. It will be said: the opponents weren’t exactly the most demanding of the season. True. But Acerbi does not play a trivial role. He must be a leader by divine imposition, even if you don’t want to, because the position on the field requires it. And he moved as if he had been inside the team and the Nerazzurri locker room for a lifetime.


Thanks to his teammates, a perfect welcome and a great desire for revenge, he says. Thanks to Inzaghi, who raised his voice – backed by the managers – to make the owners understand how much he needed a footballer like this, one to whom he would have had to explain practically nothing. Acerbi has taken Inter: it is even a trivial synthesis, but so be it. And that “I’m not here to make an appearance”, then retouched to “I’m not here to be a stopgap”, is a declaration of intent for the present and the near future. Inter have added a player in the squad, not a simple alternative. One who will enter into direct competition with De Vrij and also with Bastoni, in the role of central left. One who, to be clear, has a good chance of being confirmed from the start also on Sunday in Udine, in the match that will tell if Inter will really be out of the difficult period. Unripe between Skriniar and Bastoni: an encore can be granted. Because the exclusion of De Vrij in Plzen was not only a solution linked to the turnover, given that the Dutchman had also missed the match with Bayern a week earlier. Stefan is going through a difficult moment. But, compared to last season, behind him there is a player who can question his ownership. The managers and Inzaghi, after all, had thought of Inter this season just like that: increased competitiveness in all roles, even where last year there was little.


Acerbi should not be discovered on a September evening in Plzen, of course. The answers he had to give, however, were on the physical plane and were positive. But he also provided them on the level of personality. It is useless to pretend nothing happened, the defender arrived at Inter even with the burden of a dispute regardless of the Nerazzurri fans mounted on social media, due to the intervention that caused Milan to win at the Olimpico against Lazio. Strange paths, strange monsters to fight against. Acerbi looked ahead. And the personality response was important. He doesn’t feel like he’s passing through Inter, just to be clear. He is on loan with the right of redemption, he wants to play his cards to the end convinced that he will not wear the Nerazzurri for just one season. So far he has lived in Appiano, in the sports center: too little time to find a home. But in the next few days he will settle in Milan with the whole family.


Inzaghi expects a lot from him. The role of central has already been said. But not only. Acerbi will enter the rotations and therefore will soon compete also with Bastoni, who even in this beginning of the season has experienced too many ups and downs. Inzaghi declared it, he needs many starters to manage a schedule that cannot be denser, at least until the World Cup break. Inter have bought a player in Plzen. He is almost a matter of honor: for Inter he gave up two months’ salary, so much was the desire to get back in the game and escape from an environment in which he could no longer be. “At Inter you always play attacking, you have to be good at directing from behind. And I’m someone who always talks,” said the defender. The comrades in Plzen noticed this. Appearance and stopgap, in truth, the only two words that he had spared for the post game. The personality is not lacking, here

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Acerbi also sees Udine: Inter find a holder, De Vrij and Bastoni warned

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