Allegri begins to review his Juve, but the future is all to be written. And Conte continues to take time …

Five consecutive winswith as many clean sheets, and a second place just two points away. After the knockout against Milan last October 8 which, together with the elimination from the Champions League, represented one of the lowest points of this first part of the season, Juventus really started racing. Without thrilling in terms of the game and facing an impressive series of injuries, however, the Juventus team found a way to regroup. Around those certainties preached on several occasions by Massimiliano Allegri who, awaiting the return of those players who would allow him to train a team finally close to his ideas, clings to the numbers that certify the evident improvement of the defensive phase.

VERDICT POSTPONED – With the best Chiesa, Pogba and Di Maria will be another Juve. We have heard it from many sides and on several occasions and the feeling is that, among the many gaps that have emerged from August to today, the absence of players capable of making a difference in individual duels and of assuming technical leadership for certain situations on the pitch. weighed not a little. A way like any other to say that the judgment on Allegri is suspended at Juventus, postponed at least until the end of this season – as President Agnelli clearly pointed out after the defeat of Haifa – also in consideration of these generic mitigating circumstances. Just as it is equally true that, together with the results that he will be able to achieve by June, a series of factors will weigh on the assessment of the Livorno coach. From the enhancement of the group and individuals to the management of the players from a technical, psychological and even athletic point of viewone of the obvious leaks that have emerged to date and which have already led to questions about the work of the staff of the preparers within the Continassa.

CHAMPIONS FACTOR – The contract signed up to summer 2025at 7 million euros net plus bonuses, is a protective shield that has hitherto sheltered Allegri from corporate turbulence and the temptation of sensational reversals, but it is absolutely not life insurance. The exit from the Champions League in the groups is a stain in terms of prestige, but mainly economic, in the balance sheet and in the future planning of the Juventus management. And for how the championship has developed up to now, with Napoli setting a separate pace and an increasingly compact group of contenders for the three positions behind him, the race for a placement that guarantees access to the highest European competition risks taking on more and more the contours of a brawl. With all the unknowns and risks of the case. So that Juve can end up like many “fallen nobles”, who in a more or less recent past have missed a goal of this magnitude (Milan and Inter to stay within our borders, Arsenal and Manchester United to look a little more in there), it is not an eventuality to be excluded.

THE PAST THAT RETURNS – Allegri’s future is automatically decided from January to June, a period in which the Juventus management will also have to start probing more or less concretely the alternative hypothesesso as not to be caught unprepared in the event of a new revolution. And for a few weeks now the name of Antonio Conte has returned to being more than a suggestion in the Turin environment. The rumors about a rapprochement in terms of personal relationships with Agnelli and the Elkann family, a part of the Juventus supporters willing to put aside the burning memory of his turbulent and sudden farewell in the summer of 2014 and the nebulous contractual situation of the Salento coach with Tottenham makes this story more and more compelling and with unpredictable results. After all, at home Spurs, for weeks, it seems that we cannot or should speak of anything other than the future of the Italian coach. With the person concerned that every week he does his utmost in verbal acrobatics to mislead the subject.

COUNT NICHE – “You know very well that my contract with Tottenham expires in June, until then the club has to make the best evaluation. I think it will be important to see the rest of the season if we are happy with the improvement we are making. For my part, it is important to feel that I deserve a new contract with this club, I have to hear this. I think that when you start a journey with a club the dream is to stay for many years and try to build something important. I think the relationship you create with the players, the club and the environment around you is very important. Do not forget the ambition: if you are used to winning, it is important that all these conditions are met. If you are lucky in that sense, it is easy for a manager, but in modern football it is different. “One shot to the hoop and another to the barrel, another ball thrown back into the opposite half to buy time. Why the impression you get is that Tottenham must be convincing Conte more than vice versa. And because history teaches that the former national team coach rarely manages to bind himself for too long to a project that does not coincide with his claims. A return to Juve, a new mission to win in an environment he knows like the back of his hand, yet another challenge for those who have always found the propellant to do their job in their goals and ambitions: it seems like a script already written, or almost. It will also depend on Allegri and on what he will be able to achieve from January onwards. Because a season that seemed compromised until a few weeks ago is suddenly rediscovered full of opportunities to be seized. To change history and perhaps certain judgments.

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Allegri begins to review his Juve, but the future is all to be written. And Conte continues to take time …

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