ARENA KOMBËTARE – Mourinho: “With Feyenoord to write the true story, that is to win the final. Mkhitaryan told me that he is fine and is available to play”

These are the words of José Mourinho at a press conference on the eve of Rome-Feyenoord:

With what awareness do you arrive at this final?
“We have reached the end of a path this season, with two finals to play in the space of 4 days. The first final gave us what we deserved, which is the qualification in the Europa League, we improved the ranking from last season. For me that final there was a final where you couldn’t write history, you had to finish a season’s work, reach our goal without writing history. For Roma, finishing sixth for the Europa League is a normal thing, this final is history that has already been written because we will play it after so many years. When it comes to the final, however, you have to do everything possible to write the true story, that is to win the final ”.

How to fence off the pressure? How is Mkhitaryan?
“In the meantime we focused on Torino-Roma and it was important, tomorrow we won’t have the tension of playing the cup and the Europa League together, there was no need to have this extra tension. Friday’s victory was the best way to think about the final. Since Friday evening my staff and I have been closed in Trigoria, I think the team is doing very well, I see them concentrated and with the right joy because to play this match you also need joy. Mkhitaryan trained today for the first time, it was a small session because it was open to you. He did a basic job, I trust his experience of him, he knows his body and knows how to interpret his feelings, at the end of the training he told me that he is fine and is available to play “.

Can Mourinho make a difference tomorrow?
“I do not believe. There is this pro-Roma feeling because we have an Albanian player and I think it’s normal. If Roma wins, an Albanian raises the cup and this has a meaning. I played a European Super Cup in North Macedonia, it was Manchester United-Real Madrid, it was great in that country in a unique city. For Tirana I say the same thing, for them as a country it is an important moment. The stadium is very very beautiful, it is a pity that it is very small because its capacity does not make many fans happy. I am happy to play here. The final of a European competition is always the last match of the season, the work has already been done and there is nothing else to do for us. Leadership does not put itself on the table or produce a defect for two days, by now it has all been done. Tomorrow is the day of the players where we coaches are out, we try to read the game and help the team. The work is done, fortunately the last game is a final and we are happy to play it with the right attitude ”.

I see you serious: do you have any more worries?
“It’s a final and I only think about this match, I have nothing else in mind. It is my way of being, my way of being. Experience doesn’t help, I thought it could but I tell you no. My way of being is the same as the first final I played for 20 years, if you see me more serious it’s concentration, maybe it’s my method to prepare for the match “.

Is it superstitious?
“No, sometimes I quarrel with someone like this.”

There will be 50,000 people to watch the game on the big screens.
“The passion of the fans can only do well, if they lost finals in front of a screen it is not their fault. They asked me which shirt we are playing in tomorrow, I replied that I don’t want to know, it’s the same for me. “

How are you after contact with Kumbulla in training? He can become the coach with the most different European cups won.
“Marash hurt me a lot, then he’s the heaviest of all. I thought I was going to the game with flip-flops, I had one foot that didn’t fit inside the shoe (laughs, ed). He is a good guy, he has learned a lot this season and next year he will be with us 100% because he has the potential to become even better ”.

What do you think of Dutch football?
“Ajax won the European Cups, my friend van Hooijdonk’s Feyenoord won the UEFA Cup, PSV won. Dutch football has won ”.

A first impression of Tirana? Feelings about tomorrow?
“History is made from the beginning and with maturity, my personal story is an old story. I don’t have a magic wand or a magic potion, we’ve done our job, it’s done and tomorrow it’s up to the players. All of us, including the players, are ready. For me it is the first time in Albania, it is a country that I had not yet visited. I have not visited the city, but I am happy to be here and to stay in these cities. The stadium is very nice, too bad it is not 50-60,000 thousand, it is not a criticism but only because more people would have entered. I’m happy to be here and to play the final in Tirana ”.

“A year ago he played in the Primavera against boys of his age, now he is playing in the First team. It has been a very important 6 months for his career. His position? He can play anywhere. My opinion is that when you are 20 and you have the possibility of playing either defender or center-forward, go and play. He has a good mentality, I think he will have a good future. “

Regardless of tomorrow, is it a good season?
“For me yes”.

Do you have any other training doubts? Spinazzola?
“Spinazzola missed 10 months, he missed having 70-75 minutes on the pitch, it’s different from how he entered Florence. Those feelings were positive, tomorrow is an option for us ”.

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ARENA KOMBËTARE – Mourinho: “With Feyenoord to write the true story, that is to win the final. Mkhitaryan told me that he is fine and is available to play”

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