ATP 250 Metz: Musetti defeated by Korda, good performance but it was not enough

Play a decent game and entertain Lorenzo Musetti, but his class and touch of the ball were not enough to defeat Sebastian Korda’s greater aggressiveness, progression and offensive propensity. The Tuscan leaves the scene in the second round at the ATP 250 in Metz, beaten 6-3 7-6 (6) by the American, at the end of a match for “fine” palates on the French indoor field. Both showcased the precious pieces of their repertoire, technically of great level, to create an interesting style contrast, with many fought and amusing exchanges. In the end, the match was played on a few, very few points. In the first set the blue paid for the only game in which he conceded two break points, yielding to the second with a nasty double fault. In the second set Musetti can complain for having been restarted after having extended at 2-0. There he perhaps made the only real mistakes of the whole match, not so much in terms of execution as of “concept”. On the enthusiasm of a positive moment, and with the American a bit foul and hasty, he got a bit caught up in the frenzy of wanting to close the exchanges with a nice winner, with the “exclamation point”. He has exaggerated on a couple of occasions, with excessive risks, which in the end he paid for with the double break. Then the set went on in balance, with moments of notable tennis by both, until the tiebreak where Lorenzo first tore the mini-break, immediately undergoing the vehement (and high quality) reaction of the rival, good at playing. on the lines and win the match.

Overall, applause to Korda, who in perfect playing conditions on the indoor court showed off her splendid ability to accelerate with sumptuous geometries. But also to Musetti, who left the field but with a more than decent performance. In tennis, sometimes, the opponent simply plays better in the decisive stages and deserves the success. Lorenzo can only blame himself for the handful of points not played to perfection tactically (but a creative like him is right to try, without exaggerating), and also a first ball from which he got little, especially in the key phases of the match. Here his growth must pass: improve the percentage of firsts on the pitch and the overall quality of the shot, to get more direct points and have a more offensive position on the field in their games.

The match report.

The match starts with Korda at the bar, but it is Musetti who immediately gives the show with a nice passer-by right in the running. After a double fault he clings to Sebastian’s service, the score of the match moves to the advantages. Lorenzo’s first game is more comfortable, he pushes safely and 15 takes 1 equal. The first tear of the match comes in the fourth game. From 40-15 the blue suffers the aggressiveness of Korda and his perfect geometries, exaggerating a little in the thrust with the backhand. He saves himself on the first break ball (Sebastian’s right into the net), but suffers the break on the second, with a nasty double foul. 3-1 and service Korda, good at pushing with precision entering the field and thus consolidating the advantage over 4-1. Moments of quality tennis, both have an elegant and offensive game, more consistent than that of the American. The set runs fast on the service rounds, Musetti also went up with the first ball, but in response to 5-3 he is with his back to the wall, he must take risks to reopen the partial. On 15 all he wastes a response on the second serve of the American, blocking the ball too much and ending up in the net. With a perfect first two set points arrive for Korda. He wastes the former looking for an unlikely serve and volley; he transforms the second causing the error in response. 6-3 Korda, a deserved partial overall, more concrete and good at exploiting one of the two break points obtained, without conceding any to the blue.

Lorenzo starts the second set in service, but Korda immediately stings with a deadly response. The game is interrupted for a couple of minutes after two points, in the stands a spectator receives assistance. He does not get distracted “Muzzle”, wins the first game and stings in response, very precise with the forehand (including a long line passer-by running splendid). He breaks the first break points in favor of the match on 15-40 and he takes the break, with a swing-by-pass of his, powerful and precise. 2-0 Musetti, for the first time ahead in the match. The level of play is very good, on the part of both. Lorenzo trusts too much in his ballistic skills with the backhand, misses a couple of shots that cost him a break point. He plays it well, this time with the forehand, deep and nice full of spin, causing Sebastian’s mistake. Another mistake with the long line backhand, very little, costs him the second break point, and this time the break is there, he flies off a forehand hit a little late. 2-1 Musetti, but now Korda is needed. There comes a delicate moment for the blue, a few mistakes too many, with the American instead very aggressive. On the 2 all he concedes a break point Lorenzo, with a first ball on the line he is saved. The level of play remains good, with some errors but both risk in acceleration, open the field (especially Korda) with tight corners and off to the lunge in the long line. He pushes the American progressively and more towards the net, the Italian suddenly changes pace. Musetti goes 5-4, Korda serves to stay in the set. Despite a disastrous volley, the American impacted on 5 equal. Lorenzo risks in response, puts pressure on Sebastian to serve under 6-5, but does not tremble. It goes to the tiebreak after 56 minutes in the set. The second point is exceptional, an exchange played with changes of pace and accelerations by both, closed with a sensational touch under the net by Korda. Very good. It turns on 3 all, with a winner along the line with the right of the American. The first mistake in the service is by Korda, a right long line of exchange does not pass the network. 4-3 and “Muzzle” service. The point of disadvantage Sebastian is recovered by force, a splendid attack with a sure smash. With another fun exchange, and above all a great run-up to the net, Lorenzo goes 5-4. Korda does not tremble, with an Ace at the T, he goes 6-5 and the first match point, in response. Excellent first external ball, Lorenzo earns the 6 all. Unfortunately at the following point the first does not enter and the second, external curve, exits. According to MP, this time in service, for Korda. He closes Petr’s son with a service and right. A well-deserved victory, but Musetti also played a good match, turned on a few points. Korda awaits the winner of Sonego vs. Simon. Musetti leaves the scene with a good performance, it wasn’t enough.

Marco Mazzoni

ATP Metz

1652503698 813 Masters e WTA 1000 Roma I risultati con il dettaglio Sebastian Korda



1652503698 816 Masters e WTA 1000 Roma I risultati con il dettaglio Lorenzo Musetti [3]



Winner: Korda

3 ACES 4
43/72 (60%) FIRST SERVES 46/74 (62%)
33/43 (77%) 1ST SERVES POINTS WON 33/46 (72%)
15/29 (52%) 2ND SERVE POINTS WON 15/28 (54%)
0/1 (0%) BREAK POINTS SAVED 3/5 (60%)
13/46 (28%) 1ST SERVE RETURN POINTS WON 10/43 (23%)
13/28 (46%) 2ND SERVE RETURN POINTS WON 14/29 (48%)
2/5 (40%) BREAK POINTS CONVERTED 1/1 (100%)
48/72 (67%) SERVICE POINTS WON 48/74 (65%)
26/74 (35%) RETURN POINTS WON 24/72 (33%)
74/146 (51%) TOTAL POINTS WON 72/146 (49%)

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ATP 250 Metz: Musetti defeated by Korda, good performance but it was not enough

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