Binotto goes to Montecarlo to meet Leclerc: after the relaxing signal, Ferrari now choose a clear strategy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The soothing signal which was needed, after Sparks of the post-race of Silverstone. For Charles Leclerc a scorching fourth place in England after cradling sweet dreams of victory, for Mattia Binotto the need to calm a climate that had been troubled in Great Britain (with consequent criticisms, you arrive for favoring Sainz and not the Monegasque in the end-of-race strategy). That’s how one was needed dinnera face-to-face confrontation, to clarify in front of a good dish and continue to look confidently at future. A candlelit appointment that took place on Tuesday evening between the two protagonists of the Maranello team, based inHotel de Paris in Montecarlo, in front of the well-known Casino del Principato, from dinner time until 10.50pm. The two were pinched by some present at the exit of the restaurant, the faces appeared lying downresulting in a convinced goodbye pats, before Charles took some pictures with gods fan and wheeled away to his home in a black Ferrari.

How the crunches between Leclerc and Binotto were born
The video of the meeting between Binotto and Leclerc was uploaded to the social networks, and was then taken up by the fan-page dedicated to Leclerc, immediately becoming viral. It was what it took to relax your nerves and throw yourself headlong into this weekend’s close engagement in Austria. Where the points at stake will be even more, as the format of the Sprint Race (the second in season after Imola, the last will be in Interlagos). A very important loot up for grabs, to try and make up for it downside on Max Verstappen: distant 43 lengths from Leclerc and who will race on the Red Bull home track, where he has already triumphed three times (two in the double GP of a year ago). The crunches between the Monegasque and Binotto had started from the anger of Monte Carlo: from Sainz’s (correct) refusal to return to the box to assemble the intermediates, which sent the remote garage in Maranello into trouble, resulting in a strategic ‘patatrac’. The one who condemned Charles, with a fourth place finish compared to a first which seemed certain (same result as Silverstone), on a track where you don’t pass like that of Principality.

The breakup of Baku, the comeback of Canada, the ‘British’ tensions
The failure of the internal combustion engine of Baku and the consequent zero in the standings, therefore, worsened the situation for Leclerc in the title fight against Verstappen. Then, after the comeback from the penultimate place to the fifth in Canadahere is Silverstone and the strategy of the final race that rewarded Sainz, after the withdrawal of the Alpine di Esteban Or with and the entrance to the Safety Car. Charles had not accepted the decision on the spot, so much so that he expressed all his anger to the microphones after the race: “Happy for Carlos’ first time, but I do not agree the choice of the team. We missed an opportunity to improve the ranking “. Binotto had tried to calm him down after the race (being pinched by the photographers col finger up towards his driver), and then defended himself in the meeting with the Italian press: “It could not have been done otherwise – he said – Because it is not sure that Charles would have recovered, given that Sainz and Hamilton would remained on track with the hard. It’s a double stop it was not possible”. Monday evening, therefore, the relaxing gesture.

Was Leclerc reassured, now a Ferrari team order?
We can’t know what Binotto and Leclerc said to each other, but we can imagine it. There was to reassure Charles, to comfort him on confidence that the team has towards him. Who knows now Ferrari decides to introduce a team orderconsidering it as first pilotto avoid sparks between the Monegasque and Sainz, with the first divided by the second hour of only 11 points (138-127 in the standings after England). Leclerc proved to be superior both in the race pace on the track (with the wing endplate broken and five load points less, it had a higher pace a Sainz at Silverstone), which in the number of victories (2-1). And with an almost perfect Red Bull, which pushes for Verstappen and sees in Pérez his ‘bodyguard’, for Maranello it would be right to start thinking accordingly.

Ferrari, we need a perfect weekend in the Austrian GP
To the Red Bull Ringon Sunday, another battle against the team of Milton Keynes, with toned cars from the umpteenth season slimming cure brought to England (another 5 kg removed on the RB18). So much so that in last Saturday’s wet qualifying, the Dutchman was faster in all sectors than the two Ferrari drivers, with Sainz good at improving on the last attempt, before Verstappen suffered a bottom failure on Sunday. compromise his race. On another engine track and with very long straights, which could therefore favor the car of the well-known energy drink on paper, the Cavallino will need to act readiness with strategies effective. But also with willing pilots to play as a team and that they can avoid discussions with the wall-box, as happened last Sunday, to think about collective well-being both in the Drivers and Constructors standings. And after Binotto’s dinner with Leclerc, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sunday’s strategy was wanted reward the Monegasque, in desperate need of reassemble on Verstappen, his old and well-known rival since the days of karting.

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Binotto goes to Montecarlo to meet Leclerc: after the relaxing signal, Ferrari now choose a clear strategy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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