Brazilian, speaks 6 languages: who is Rafaela Pimenta, the advocate heir of the Raiola empire

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A friend of Raiola and her partner of 18, only with her, that Mino wanted to share the shares of the company One in Montecarlo. Brazilian, she speaks six languages, she has always loved football

In the days of pain for the disappearance of Mino Raiola, died Saturday 30 April in Milan at the age of 54there is an empire to carry on. Cousin Vincenzo, for all Enzo, very close friend of Donnarumma, he learned everything alongside one of the best prosecutors in the world of football. But in the entourage there is a figure now at the top of the pyramid. This is Rafaela Pimenta, Raiola’s friend for at least 20 years and her partner for 18. with her, and only with her, that Mino wanted to share the shares of the company One, based in Montecarlo. Through this company, designed as if it were a family, the agent has always looked after the interests of his players, all over the world. From Haaland, Borussia Dortmund striker, to Ibrahimovicpassing through Pogba, Balotelli, De Ligt, De Vrij, Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Verratti, Lozano, Mkhitaryan, Kean, Dumfries and many others.

Mino and Rafaela met in Brazil in the early 2000s. She graduated in law in 1995 and started working at a very young age in the antitrust team built by the then president of the country, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. He speaks six languages ​​and has always had a passion in his heart: football. So much so as to help two of her famous compatriots, Rivaldo and Cesar Sampaio, to found Guaratinguet, a club in the State of Sao Paulo (where she was born too), which was dissolved in 2017. The fact is that Raiola and Pimenta met during the launch of the project, they kept in touch and started working together. The next step was the transfer of Rafaela to Monte Carloby joining One and becoming the right hand of the powerful prosecutor.

Now everything in her hands. Mino’s 20-year-old children, Mario and Gabriele, live with their mother (also in Montecarlo) and study. Waiting to understand whether or not they want to follow in their father’s footsteps, it will be Pimenta who will carry on the business. The most important will be the transfer of Haaland from Borussia Dortmund: a negotiation worth 150 million euros. The bang of the next transfer market, the first after three decades without Raiola. The Norwegian striker likes Real Madrid and many Premier League clubs. First of all, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Rafaela is a very good friend of Pogba, another strong point of Mino’s team, ready to say goodbye – once again – to Manchester United and ignite the market. He will rely on the few people who work in One: among these, there is Enzo Raiola, his cousin, who looks after the interests of Italian footballers. And to the many collaborators scattered throughout the Old Continent. These are lawyers (in Italy there is Vittorio Rigo), prosecutors, social managers. In short, they too are part of the engine of a very important company in the world of football. Which will also have to defend itself from the possible expansionist aims of Mino’s colleagues.

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Brazilian, speaks 6 languages: who is Rafaela Pimenta, the advocate heir of the Raiola empire

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