Cali: final in the upper for Stronati and Furlani, OK Cavo

02 August 2022

Day 2 at the U20 World Cup: the two jumpers promoted, such as the hammer player Vattolo. The blue in the 400hs drops to 57.77, the best time of the session. In the Italian evening Furlani in the final in the long and semifinal for Faggin on the 100

Final of the high jump for two ai U20 World Cup from Cali. The Azzurri Edoardo pass the qualifying round Stronatiwith 2.08 at the first test, and Mattia Furlani, for which 2.04 jumped to the first is enough, despite the three errors at 2.08, a few hours before his long jump final scheduled for 23.16 Italian. On the platform of the hammer also Davide takes off the pass Vattolo, winning the final with a throw at 72.02. In the first round of the 400 obstacles the fastest time is for a blue, Ludovica Cable, which in 57.77 continues to improve with almost two tenths removed from the personal best and leaves a great impression. Direct passage to the semifinals also for Alessia Seramondi, second in his battery in 59.03, starting as world leaders in the category this season with 57.29. In the Italian evening Alessio is also expected in the semifinals of the 100 meters Fagginauthor of a great progress in battery with 10.25 (second Italian U20 ever).

HIGH FOR TWO – For several reasons, it is a complicated qualification for both blue jumpers, Edoardo Stronati and Mattia Furlani. But the final does not escape, and this, in the meantime, is the important thing. The Milanese has to keep a slight contracture in a buttock at bay, a nuisance that makes itself felt after each jump and that paints a not particularly enthusiastic expression on his face. At the initial measure of 2.00 he needs a second attempt to cross the bar. He renounces 2.04 and goes directly to 2.08, a share that he scores at the first test and which in the course of the race will prove to be the figure for the passage of the round. Rieti Furlani, who is the U18 European champion of this specialty (as well as of the long), has no problems at 2.00 and 2.04. The one-to-one is more difficult to a measure that is as easy for him as 2.08, which this time he cannot overcome: but the absence of errors on the route rewards him and admits him to the final on Friday in the Italian evening (at 22.21).

HAMMER: VATTOLO IS THERE – The second pitch is the good one for Davide Vattolo in qualifying. The blue sends the hammer to 72.02 taking the third performance in his career, about one meter from the staff of 73.01 signed in the spring, and this becomes his best result of a race that started with 69.91 before closing at 70.88. In fifth provisional place, the Friulian has to wait for the next group but celebrates entry into the final on Thursday (11.45 pm Italian time) with the eleventh measure. The other Alessandro from Udine Feruglio instead it is twenty-first, 67.45 at the first attempt without then increasing.

OBSTACOLISTS FORWARD – She turned 18 a few days ago, on July 28, when she had already arrived in Colombia with the Azzurri team. Ludovica gives herself a nice present on the Cali track Cable: still a progress of the Piedmontese, to rewrite its limit again after the recent 57.94 stamped in Rieti in the tricolor review. At the world debut, the Alexandrian drops to 57.77 and takes not only the success in the heats, but also the best time of the entire session by starting from the outermost lane, the eighth, therefore without reference points but with a particularly action convincing. Alessia from Brescia Seramondiwho holds the “world lead” under 20 with the 57.29 of the Italian category title, closes instead in second partial place in 59.03 (eleventh overall time) behind the Australian Isabella Guthrie (58.89), largely capturing one of the three useful positions to qualify by right.

OUT – In the 400 meters Nancy Demattè he remains out of the world semifinal with a 56.70 that does not give credit to his value, thirty-first overall time in the battery. The same can be said for Luca Site which goes out in the final and closes with 48.03 in thirtieth place overall. Out of both the blue stars: Simone Bertelli eliminated with 4.90 and three errors at 5.05, an absolutely affordable share for the Turin player who rose to 5.35 during the season, while Federico Bonanni runs into three nulls at the entry level (4.75) as happened last year at the U20 European Championships in Tallinn. Two seventeen-year-olds on the track in the 100 meters, this time without repeating themselves at their highest levels after having signed excellent performances for the student category this year: Ludovica from Varese finished seventh in their respective heats Galuppi with 11.89 (-1.0) and the Piedmontese Agnese Music11.97 (-0.7).

DECATHLON – Alberto is back in action for the second day of the decathlon Nonino, just four hundredths from his record in the 110 hurdles with 14.34 (-0.1) and then hurled the disc at 35.04. In the auction the Friulian equals the staff of 4.50 at the third test and improves it immediately afterwards with 4.60 at the first.

LIVE – The U20 World Cup in Cali is broadcast live on TV from Monday 1st to Saturday 6th August RaiSport + HD in the Italian afternoon (from about 4 pm) and the Italian evening (from about 10 pm). Live streaming on RaiPlay.


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Cali: final in the upper for Stronati and Furlani, OK Cavo

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