Ceferin: ‘Super League? She died! Possible penalties for 3, do another tournament. And on Agnelli … ‘

CeferinUefa president, spoke to AS about the Super League.

ABOUT ITALIAN FANS – “Didn’t they fight against the Super League? I didn’t say that. Some media didn’t even read the original interview and share fake news. Look, this project, which I’m pretty sick of talking about because it doesn’t exist anymore, would absolutely ruin football. When I saw the reaction of the English fans, I was shocked. The fans in France and Germany did not have to do anything because their clubs did not participate. And I was a little surprised by the mild reaction of the people in Spain and Italy, Although I understand it. Sometimes these things go a bit slower in some countries, and given that the Italian teams and Atletico Madrid quickly abandoned the project, there was not enough time to have a stronger reaction. I was surprised by the lack of reaction from the fans of Barcelona, ​​which I have always considered a popular club. And what about Real? Barcelona is known as the people’s club … I don’t know how many members we are talking about, but the fans went to the General Assembly and gave their opinion on the decisions. But, this time, their reaction was not very strong. Now it doesn’t matter anymore.

THE MEMORY OF THOSE DAYS – “It was very stressful for two or three days. It was amazing that the same people who had been unanimously in favor of something had already lined up against it. But, in a way, I was glad it had happened because it was always in the air. . When it finally came out, we put an end once and for all to this nonsense that football can be bought, that football is only for the elite, only for the rich. This will never happen. I have been warned that the same people they killed basketball, but I told them, “Basketball is not football.” It will never be football. Football is part of our history. It is part of our traditions. It is part of us. We could never have the prices. Champions League tickets more expensive than they are now. Or as expensive as they are for the Super Bowl, for example, even though the Champions League is a bigger event. This is because football belongs to all fans, and no one should take it away “.

THE 3 WITH UEFA – “Did they want to talk to UEFA? No, they didn’t. When you do something like that, it makes more sense that they are the ones who get close to us rather than the other way around. But they never did. The only ones” greetings “that UEFA has received from them have come from the courts, as they have tried to challenge us everywhere. We have never said that they cannot play their competition, because they can do it if they want to. But it’s funny that these were the clubs that for first they entered the Champions League. If they play in other tournaments, they cannot play in our competitions. It is not a monopoly. They can create their own UEFA and do what they think is right. I have shown them a lot of respect in the past. I don’t want to talk. of the Juventus president, but my relationship with him was very open and honest. I never said that before, but I invited Madrid president Florentino Perez to Nyon before everything happened to talk about future competitions. He canceled the match. encounter with a text message just 24 hours earlier due to “a basketball related event”. I’ve never talked to Bartomeu. In a way, he was already leaving the club. Everyone got a chance to speak and we were never aggressive or arrogant. The announcement of that project was an act of incredible arrogance on their part, which is probably why they do not want to communicate with UEFA. But that has never affected the way we treat them in our tournaments. You can see it in their successes: Real Madrid will play the Champions League final and Barça the women’s Champions League final. This is a clear sign that our competitions are healthy, fair and fair. “

WILL THEY GO FORWARD? – “We have formal professional ties, as we have with all the clubs that play in our competitions. So I would not drag clubs into this one, because they are much bigger than their presidents, in the same way that UEFA is bigger than its president. But , in fact, our personal relationships don’t exist. As I said earlier, they only communicate through courtrooms, and it’s up to our lawyers to deal with them. “

SANCTIONS AGAINST THE THREE – “Yes, of course they are. This is possible. But let’s see what happens. We are happy that the injunction has finally arrived. I was surprised by the behavior of the previous judge: they didn’t even offer us a hearing. We just received the decision. with an injunction. I have faith in the Spanish authorities and courts. Let’s see what happens. “

FOR UEFA – “The most important thing for UEFA is to show that the rules are the same for everyone. When we have different rules for big and small teams, we can close the door. And I think this is the most important thing: everyone has to respect the rules. rules and everyone has to respect the others. Of the 247 members of the ECA, 244 clubs are on the same side as us, which means something. “

THE SUMMER TOURNAMENT BETWEEN 3 AM – “They can play in the summer, winter, autumn or spring. They can play when they want, and I don’t care if they do. They can also play the rebel tournament and not the Champions League if they want. I don’t mind. They have to think we’re more focused on of them than of us. And believe me, it doesn’t. If you feel so important that everything revolves around you, there is something wrong. Football is all about the ball. “

THE EUROPEAN COURT – “First of all, I am absolutely sure that we do not have a monopoly. Everyone can choose to be a member of UEFA: national associations can choose to be a member of UEFA or not, clubs can choose to play our competitions or not, and they can choose to play their own. When it comes down to it, everyone is on our side. I don’t see anyone saying otherwise. The fans are clearly on our side. The whole football family, perhaps for the first time in history, has opposite: clubs, national federations, leagues, FIFPro, players, coaches, European authorities and governments. We all understand what the European sporting model means, and European football is so strong thanks to it. None of these rebel clubs have a team full of players from their own country, nor a team full of players who grew up in their youth teams. Without open competitions, football would disappear. I care too much about football and will always love the game. I hope everyone feels the same about this beautiful game. I know I will feel the same way 30 years from now. ”

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Ceferin: ‘Super League? She died! Possible penalties for 3, do another tournament. And on Agnelli … ‘

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