Chiellini to the fans: “Juve was everything, it was time to go.” The touching greeting from Bonucci and Barzagli

The long message from the defender before his last home match: “Tonight a whirlwind of emotions will pass through me. Here I have made a dream come true, but the journey does not end”

It will be a special evening tonight for Juve and for the Juventus players. It will be especially so for Giorgio Chiellini who will greet his fans in the match against Lazio before leaving the Bianconeri colors at the end of the season. He too, like Dybala, has chosen to entrust his message to social media: “The day has come. Tonight a whirlwind of emotions will pass through me. Juve was everything for me. My youth, experience, maturity. The desire to win, the joy of triumph, the acceptance of defeat. The thrill of the challenge, the duel on the pitch, my head always bandaged. And then the champions, on and off the green lawn, the coaches, the managers , all the people of the staff … Men who have passed by always leaving me something. Something that I have taken care to collect, preserve and cherish “.


Then he talks about his state of mind and the choice made: “Three. My number. But also the sensations that now coexist in my soul. Joy, for an adventure that has ended like this, for having realized every dream, imaginable or not, and to remain forever in the history of this great club. Serenity, to choose the right moment to say goodbye, to leave again at a level appropriate to what I have been, to have shared so many values ​​and emotions that no one will ever be able to erase. Gratitude , for all of Juventus, for the Agnelli family who have adopted me all these years, for my dearest loved ones and for all the people I love, without whom I would not be the person I am now, because they were an inexhaustible source of support and energy and have always accompanied me on this long journey “.


And about his future, which should see him cross the ocean to land in the United States: “I find myself in front of the most beautiful of sunsets, trying to imagine a new dawn. Because the journey does not end. I still don’t know what awaits me next. . But it will be another time and another story. This is the time for greetings and infinite and profound gratitude. Thank you. Thank you all, the fans and the opponents. Thank you for welcoming me, putting up with me, supporting me. Thank you. for making sense of the meaning of the word dream. Thank you, until the end, thank you. “

From Pjanic to Datome

Under the post many comments, including from illustrious colleagues and former colleagues such as Marchisio, Cancelo and Pjanic, but also Gigi Datome who wrote: “The players come and go, the legends remain forever”.

Bonucci’s post

A touching greeting from his friend and companion of many battles, Leonardo Bonucci, as well as his heir to the Juventus captain’s armband: “Dear Giorgio, where do we start? From the end, I think he is right. Today is your day and from today you will begin to miss this team, these colors, this dressing room. You have been an example, a guide, a brother, a friend. We shared more than 10 years together, we rejoiced, we suffered, we struggled, we squared together, we fought, we WON. Won a lot with Juve, I won something Unique with the blue shirt. “Bonucci continues:” Living the field next to you was a privilege, an honor for me. Living there off the pitch was even more so. I learned from your always being balanced through and through. Good luck Legend. For what will come. Whatever it is, you will always be top of the class. We will always be tied by that invisible thread that has accompanied us on the pitch, in the thousand football battles, in the victories and in the most difficult moments. Thanks Captain. I love you”.

Barzagli’s embrace

A heartfelt greeting also from former BBC teammate Andrea Barzagli: “It’s the day of applause, greetings and tears. You deserve all this Giorgio, for the great person and extraordinary footballer you are. You have been a true leader beyond than a gladiator and an exceptional teammate. You are already history and legend of Juventus and the Italian national team. I am happy to have shared many years of my career with you and it will always be a source of pride and pride for me to be able to say that I have played with Giorgio Chiellini “.

Danilo too

He was not in the BBC, he arrived later, but his current partner Danilo also wanted to pay a tribute: “Captain … When I arrived at Juventus you suffered a serious injury and I, not knowing you as I know you today, I thought that you would not have had the strength to continue. On the contrary, you fought, you did everything, you got up and you were able to lead us for a long time. Thank you for everything, it was an honor to learn from you every day, your professionalism, your wisdom and above all your strength to fight for Juventus. A hug and good luck for what is to come, but above all do not stay too long away from home! “.

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Chiellini to the fans: “Juve was everything, it was time to go.” The touching greeting from Bonucci and Barzagli

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