Chiesa, the stages of recovery: when will he return to the field

The Juve striker will return between the end of September and October, there is no desire to force the times. Will be buying next fall

Federico Chiesa will return to the field just like when he arrived at Juve: on the run, on the run, as he likes it. He will find a dear friend again, Dusan Vlahovic, with whom the agreement it has already been well tested since the time of Fiorentina. But you still need a little patience and maximum concentration. The recovery path is long, includes several intermediate stages and does not allow any distraction. Then yes, that much-desired moment will come, to reform one of the most interesting and potentially devastating couples in our football. But it will be talked about in the fall.


The attacker stopped on 9 January, during Rome-Juventus. The extent of the injury immediately seemed serious, then confirmed: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee. The reconstruction surgery in Austria, at the Hochrum clinic in Innsbruck, was carried out on 23 January (a few days after the first scheduled date, due to the boy’s malaise) by Professor Christian Fink, in the presence of the health manager of the Juventus club, Luca Stefanini: successful operation but inevitably long recovery times. Of the seven months scheduled to return to the field, almost half have passed.


In the first days of March, Chiesa put away his crutches and started walking again: a video published on his social channels last March 7 made the fans go crazy with joy, who also exalted him a few days later (on the 10th) when showed himself at work on the exercise bike. The therapy goes ahead quickly, but there is no intention of forcing the times: the understandable desire to be at the world championship in November has vanished after the non-qualification of the Azzurri in Qatar, now there is only Juve in Federico’s head and above all the full awareness that working with the right timing can give greater guarantees on the next recovery. So no forcing.


Federico will soon return to running slowly, at the end of the summer he will begin to raise the pace but always remaining in the sphere of individual physical recovery. It is realistic to imagine him again in the group in September, to return to the field by October at the latest: it will clearly depend on the tests he will have to undergo as he goes. Certainly, when he gets back on the pitch, he will officially be a new Juventus player, as the club will redeem him in the summer as expected, after having obtained him on a two-year loan from Fiorentina in October 2020: 3 million agreement for the first season. 7 for the one in progress and final acquisition at 40, plus any other 10 bonuses.


In fact, Chiesa will be one of next summer’s purchases. By choice of the club that has always believed in him, beyond the goals he should have achieved this season to address the obligation to redeem. It is clear that the player has already conquered the Juventus people for some time, especially after the excellent impact in the season with Pirlo (closed with 15 goals and 11 assists) and the growth in terms of awareness with Allegri (with whom he had reported 4 goals and 4 assists) despite having to deal with some physical problems already in the first part of the year. The 1997 class is among the young recruits who have best demonstrated that they have understood Juve’s DNA.


Agnelli indicated him among the four investments that already give “a rejuvenating aspect” to the Lady, who wants to open a new winning cycle by guaranteeing the traditional blue representation in the locker room. Chiesa also appears to be the first candidate to inherit the number ten shirt from Dybala, which has not been on the shoulders of an Italian since the years of Del Piero. In the new Juve designed around Vlahovic, he will certainly have a strategic role, as a winger in the trident or even as a second striker. Dusan can’t wait to hug him back on the pitch, Federico hopes (and for this he works hard) to be back on the pitch very soon. To crown the wish of the beginning of the year: “Together again”.

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Chiesa, the stages of recovery: when will he return to the field

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