CR7: daughter in hospital and summer package, controversy with United. And attack Rooney and Neville

Another excerpt from the interview given by Cristiano Ronaldo to Piers Morgan emerges: “When my daughter was ill, the sporting director and the president of Manchester did not believe my words”. Then the dig at the property and two former companions

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New previews, new digs. New heavy attacks on Manchester United. The interview that Cristiano Ronaldo has granted to Piers Morgan, 90 ‘of chat that will be broadcast in full on Wednesday and Thursday but which are being anticipated by the journalist himself and by the Sun, continues to be a poisonous attack on the Red Devils, the club from which CR7 said in the first anticipation to feel betrayed. After accusing the management, in a clip broadcast in prime time, of not believing him in July when he said he could not leave for the tour in Thailand and Australia because his 3-month-old daughter was hospitalized, in the new advances he publishes Sun Cristiano throws barbs at US property (“They don’t care about the club: I’ve never talked to them since I got back”) and at former teammates Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney, among his most ferocious critics


Ronaldo with his statements rewinds the tape at the beginning of July, when United was waiting for him in Carrington for the start of the preparation. In April he and Georgina had lost one of the twins the showgirl was waiting for. Bella, her daughter born to her, had severe bronchitis in July that forced her to be hospitalized for a week. “I spoke to the sporting director and the Manchester United president when my daughter was ill – says Cristiano in the anticipation of the interview -. It was as if they did not believe my words, and this made me feel bad. They listened to me, but it was clear that they doubted my words, that my daughter had big problems, that Georgina felt bad for her. That’s why I didn’t go on tour: as a father and husband I could not leave my family in that moment. Not for the preseason “.


Morgan, the journalist to whom Ronaldo entrusted his 90 ‘of confession, spoke at length in today’s episode of his show, the same in which the full interview will be broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday (in two parts). During the episode, Morgan revealed that Ronaldo told him that he knows he is no longer the player he was, but that he feels stronger because he is more mature and with a better understanding of the game, and that he still wants to break many records. CR7 in the interview also returned to the mid-October match with Tottenham, when he refused to enter the field and left the bench before the 90 ‘, a gesture that cost him a suspension match and a few days of individual training. Morgan revealed that Ronaldo told him he apologized to the entire team for that gesture.


In a new preview published by the Sun, Ronaldo takes it out on Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney, former teammates at United who have become critics on TV and newspapers and never tender with the Portuguese. “Wayne doesn’t understand why he criticizes me. Maybe he’s jealous because I’m still playing at a high level and he quit at 30, I’m not going to say I’m better looking than him, which is true. It’s hard to hear all that criticism from people who played with you. Like Gary Neville. People may have their own opinion, but they don’t know what’s going on in training or in my life. They should listen to my point too. It’s easy to criticize, I don’t know if for their work in tv must criticize to be more famous. And I think they take advantage of my name, because they are not stupid. I am the most followed person on the planet, it’s no coincidence. I know I have to accept criticism and praise, but it’s not nice to hear criticism so heavy from people who have been in a locker room with you. It’s a little disappointing. Rooney in particular. Six months ago, a year at the most, he came to my house to pick up his children and invited mine to go play to football at his house People like him do not understand them p roprio. Maybe they want to be on the cover of a newspaper, or they are hoping to get a new job. Both he and Neville are not my friends. They were colleagues, we played together, but I certainly won’t go to dinner with them. “


From the pages of the tabloid, CR7 also attacks the Glazers, the family that owns United. “They don’t care about the team. At least not about the sporting side – says CR7 -. Manchester United is a club that earns them money thanks to marketing, but the sporting side doesn’t care and they give all the power to president and sporting director. I’ve never talked to them, not since I got back. ” Morgan then asks him if the fans are right to criticize the US family. Cristiano’s response is another tough attack: “The fans are always right. They should know the truth, know that the players want the best for Manchester United, that I want the best for Manchester United and that’s why I’m back. , because I love this club. But the fans should also know that there are situations within the club that prevent them from reaching the highest level, where they are City, Liverpool and now also Arsenal. It’s tough, it’s going to be tough for United to be at the top. summit in the next 2-3 years “.


United has not taken official measures for now, limiting itself to a statement in which it makes it clear that it wants to wait to hear the whole interview before deciding how to react. It is unlikely that Cristiano will not be punished in some way: according to the Telegraph, United would be thinking of immediately terminating the contract with the Portuguese, expiring at the end of the season, as long as an agreement is reached so that the club must not recognize the money to CR7 salary that still owes him. However it ends, the future of Cristiano and United seems marked: after the World Cup it will be divorce.

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CR7: daughter in hospital and summer package, controversy with United. And attack Rooney and Neville

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