Dazn, Minister Urso convenes the company after yesterday’s malfunctions: “No more disservices”

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After the protests over the problems during Inter-Naples and Cremonese-Juventus on Wednesday, the Minister of Enterprise Adolfo Urso announces a meeting with the top management of Dazn. Annoyed football league, the issuer defends itself: The fault of an external partner

To protect consumers, I summoned the top management of the Dazn company to the ministry for 10 January. The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, announces it by explaining that the Minister of Sport Andrea Abodi and the top management of Serie A will also be present. intends to take, investment in network and technology, in order to meet the needs of users.

During Inter-Napoli and, to a lesser extent, Cremonese-Juventus yesterday, many users complained of having encountered disruptions: matches were not visible and an apology message from the company appeared on the screen. The protest resulted in social media and also involved the former champion Aldo Serena. The outages occurred a few days after the announcement price increases for new subscribers.

To obtain them, however, he will have to proceed with a long and laborious procedure which, as Agcom explained, would be superfluous because pay TV can easily identify users who have had difficulty. Even then the Lega Serie A had considered legal actions, above all for the damage to the image, but then no further action had been taken. Even today from via Rosellini they are furious. President Luigi De Siervo informed the clubs that it has forwarded a formal communication — reports the news agency Take action —manifesting one’s own tough stance. Dazn defends himself by expressing his regret, reiterating: Despite theDazn’s technology remained resilient and functioned properly during the use of the matches, occurred a technical disruption caused by an external partner global, in charge of managing the distribution of traffic on the servers.

NoLast July in an interview with Corriere della Sera
the managing director of Dazn Italia Stefano Azzi had declared: We have tripled the investment in network capacity, strengthened the infrastructure, the CDN (content delivery network ed), to be more present on the Italian territory, to increase the quality of the streaming. We also have released a new video player that stabilizes the image, designed for smart-TVs. We have grown but we must keep our guard up, we and all the players involved. Not to mention that Dazn itself to meet its subscribers had boosted for the start of the 2022-2023 football season your customer service.

The point is that there are still further structural problems to be addressed. As Francesco Ippolito, engineer and editor-in-chief of Progetto Ingegneria, one of the major Italian communities in the world of engineering, explains: Behind the disservices there are problems of an infrastructural nature. The problems must be identified in the CDNs, or the Content Delivery Networks (in Italian content distribution networks). These are groups of servers distributed throughout the world that belong to companies born with the task of creating local replicas of the data contained in the central servers. The simple reason: the greater the distance between the sender (the Dazn server in this case) and the receiver (the fan), the greater the possibility of problems or slowdowns. CDNs create replicas of data in order to distribute them in the best possible way, to reduce latency and to avoid overloading the central server due to an excess of requests: these are distributed servers that finally distribute the data to users on the basis of their geographical origin. In essence, the CDNs collaborate with each other in order to ensure the rapid transmission of content via the Internet. In a metaphor, these groups of servers are comparable to ATMs in banks: the more there are in an area, the less queues are formed. The problem is therefore to be found in the topology of the networks. CDNs in general work well globally, but when services have to be concentrated in a single country (such as Italy) and live streamed to millions of people (unlike services that generally operate on a deferred basis such as YouTube or Netflix) everything changes because there is the risk of not having a sufficient number of Pops (Points of Presence, i.e. network access points capable of channeling traffic to users) with Ixps (Internet Exchange Points, physical interchange points which allow internet service providers to exchange traffic with each other and allow the meeting between operators and CDNs). The CDNs place the servers in the Ixps: the critical element lies in the “position” of the providers with respect to the Ixps. In particular, the service works correctly if the providers are present in the same Internet Exchange used by the CDNs.

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Dazn, Minister Urso convenes the company after yesterday’s malfunctions: “No more disservices”

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