De Ketelaere, the agents reveal: ‘After the meeting in Belgium, Milan and Bruges did not want to talk! The 40 million of Leeds … ‘

The Milan you pamper your new purchase Charles De Ketelaerearrived after a long and exhausting negotiation with the Bruges. To confirm the difficulties also the agents of the attacking midfielder, Tom De Mul And Yama Sharifiwho spoke to Het Laatste Nieuws and revealed some background of the deal.

CRITICISM – De Mul and Sharifi comment on criticism received for not training: “That’s not fair. I’m sorry that wrong information leaked. How would you be if your dream transfer is in danger of skipping? Charles has always been a pro. He only said one. time he couldn’t really train because he wasn’t feeling well mentally. “

COMPETITION – Many clubs in the footsteps of De Ketelaere: “Not only them, many clubs are informed. West Ham, Newcastle, Arsenal. Those clubs didn’t push 100%. Arsenal took on Gabriel Jesus, who had already proved himself in the Premier League. Even the Barcelona he followed it for a long time, but we thought it was not the right move. Financially, Leeds would have been the best option. For Bruges, for Charles, for us. But Charles wanted to wait a little longer: ‘If there is any other option, maybe I can consider whether going to Leeds is the right thing to do’. When Charles heard that Milan wanted him 100%, things started to change“.

CDK’S CHOICE – CDK, however, had clear ideas about his future: “De Ketelaere had made his choice. At one point he said: ‘I absolutely want to go to Milan‘. But then there is a club that has too high expectations due to an offer that has already arrived (Leeds, ed). And a player who has a dream. I also said to Carlo: ‘If you want to go to Milan, I’ll follow you’. But I also added: ‘Get ready for some tough weeks’. “

THE INTEREST OF AC MILAN – How long had AC Milan set their sights on CDK? The agents explain: “Milan had already followed him from the youth teams, but the first contacts date back to two years ago. At the time they thought Charles was a great talent, but they wanted a player who could arrive immediately. They took the time to evaluate how good he could become. Maldini and Massara in the meantime asked us all kinds of questions. What kind of person is he? How is this boy? “.

THE CHALLENGE WITH LEEDS – The biggest pitfall however, De Mul and Sharifi confirm it was constituted on Leeds: “It was very concrete. Charles noticed it too. They absolutely wanted it, he would play there every week. Jesse March is a top notch manager. At one point Charles said he would like to hear from someone else. club. To understand if Leeds was the right step, they wanted to be able to make a comparison. We phoned Milan: ‘If you really want it, you have to insist now. And push well, not halfway‘. Maldini was still busy with his contract, but then he called him. Charles had a good conversation with Pioli too and was completely convinced. Except that Leeds offered 40 million and Milan had a limit. However, Brugge would not have sold it for 20 million, so Milan had to relaunch the offer. ”

‘NEARLY DEAD DEAL’ – The deal was also close to ending, after Maldini and Massara’s trip to Belgium: “We insisted a bit, showing our aggressive side. At one point the agreement seemed dead,” says Sharifi. Prosgue De Mul: “After the meeting in Belgium, the clubs no longer wanted to talk to each other“. Sharifi again:” Then we went to Lugano. Two superpowers confronted each other and it became a real battle. The outside world cannot understand how difficult it was to resolve this situation. Tom and I had to decide the strategy. We have done everything to make the transfer successful. “

JOY – The happy ending has arrived, however, De Ketelaere has signed with Milan. De Mul and Sharifi tell an anecdote after the first Rossoneri day: “When we returned to the hotel after the first day at Milan, Charles wanted us to go back to his room and he wanted to hug us both“.

ROLE – What is the real role of CDK? “They see it as a ‘9.5’, a kind of playmaker who plays behind the forwards. Fans will appreciate it. We don’t like to make comparisons, but it can be said that it is as elegant as it is Kaka, Totti or Boban. It has personality, too. If he doesn’t agree on something he says it. “

IBRAHIMOVIC – De Mul then talks about the presence at Milan of Zlatan Ibrahimovichis former Ajax teammate: “It will be special for Charles, his presence is very positive. Zlatan has taken on the role of mentor at Milan, because he knows the club’s standards and values ​​like no other. And thanks to his career, he has an incredible influence on the team “.

WORLD – Finally, the World: “We talked to Belgium coach Roberto Martinez and we told him: ‘Now that Charles goes to Milan he will be a better player, even if he doesn’t play every week’. It was a message, nothing more …”.

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De Ketelaere, the agents reveal: ‘After the meeting in Belgium, Milan and Bruges did not want to talk! The 40 million of Leeds … ‘

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