It’s made for Jovic and we’ve never had any doubts. Now even the last details have been fixed and Real have given their ok to the definitive transfer to the viola of a great talent. The player has already talked to Italian, he is enthusiastic about the new team and the way the Viola play. He can’t wait to get started.

I’ll spare you the details of the deal between rights on future resale, half salary payment and stuff, but the player will arrive outright and that’s what counts. We had been telling you for days and days, with absolute serenity, that Ramadani would take home the blow and so it was in the face of skeptics and professional hooligans disguised as journalists, fans or former players.

This is a great player, to be raised obviously, but of great talent and personality. We also gave you the 5th of July as a good day for the announcement and perhaps today Pradè will talk about this too. We will see, the important thing is that it is purple.

But that’s not enough, it could be Riqui Puig, former rising star of Barcelona, ​​the last shot of Fiorentina that would complete a market of great quality and substance, Twenty-three years in August, Puig is a boy who played in the last Liga fifteen games and scored a goal, some appearances also in the Champions League, produced by the Cantera of Barcelona, a high quality midfielder, capable of dribbling, quick head and leg, who three years ago seemed destined to take the legacy of the Xavi and the Iniesta. Then he stopped a bit, but Fiorentina is ready to relaunch him and the Italian would welcome him with open arms.

The contact between the two clubs is open and there is cordiality, the negotiations are well underway and this is demonstrated by the fact that Fiorentina could also participate in the Gamper trophy in Barcelona after the forfeit of Roma. The most difficult rival seems to be Rui Costa’s Benfica who want the Spaniard to make the number ten of the Lusitanian team, but the discussion is open.

The negotiation goes on on a good basis and if Puig were to arrive, a market would be completed that is bringing to Fiorentina players of technique and personality, superior quality, a market conducted with great intelligence and also timeliness in the face of too many defeatists whom I do not ask to believe. to what I’ve been writing for two months, God forbidbut at least to get to know the players and analyze the whys of certain choices.

I also told you about what Italian said to friends, “We will make a great team”, and this is happening regularly.

Fiorentina closed with Jovic, but also with Mandragora as I told you more than two weeks ago. Technical times to study all the details, sign the contract and all the bonuses. Even the visits made. It is the first official signing for the midfield and with his flexibility he will be able to play the director in front of the defense, but also the inside. Twenty-five years, great experience, paid around eight million, so relatively little.

But even if today Pradè in the ritual press conference will probably not confirm all the advances and out of prudence he will not name all the names while waiting that the contracts are signed and deposited, the right prudence we always talk about, (don’t say cat …), Fiorentina has already done with Gollini on loan from Atalanta and closed with Dodò. The operation could be completed today, it is no coincidence that his agent arrived in Florence yesterday.

We said about Jovic, he is convinced that the Italian game and Serie A can contribute to his definitive relaunch, he talked about it with Slavs viola and former viola who spoke well to him about the coach, he wants to play and demonstrate, also for this reason Fiorentina takes him outright and wants to relaunch him.

So, Jovic, Dodò, Mandragora and Gollini are a lot of stuff. Italian is super satisfied, he already has the whole work plan in mind, as mentioned he talked to these guys and is building two Fiorentines, a double for each role to have alternatives, solutions for the game in progress or even use two different formations between the Championship and Conference League.

Puig could be the last missing piece for the midfield, that player of quality, inventiveness and change of pace, who should take the place of Castrovilli who is working hard to recover, but obviously he will have very hard months ahead and will hardly be available at least until next spring.

What if Puig doesn’t arrive? Praet is also in the role in the viewfinder and making another spite on Toro would gas Rocco, and Bajrami of Empoli remains even if the Azzurri are asking for a very high figure for now and the Zurkowski speech that Empoli wants, but not the proposed figures.

If in the end it really is all these shots I told you about, a very interesting team would take shape. Do we want to try to do a first training? Gollini; Dodò, Milenkovic, Igor, Biraghi; Bonaventure, Amrabat, Mandragora; Ikonè, Jovic, Gonzalez. With Quarta, Cabral, Saponara, Sottil, Duncan top-tier alternatives in addition to players already in the squad last year such as Venuti, Maleh and others.

As mentioned, Italian wants a double in every role and for this reason the purchase of the fifth winger that the coach had advocated last year when the movements had yet to be acquired is no longer planned. This year Ikonè, Nico, Saponara and Sottil have already run in and will alternate in the role.

There was talk of a deputy Biraghi, but there is no fury. Meanwhile, there is Terzic, then if a market opportunity should happen, the blow will be placed. Today there was an urgent need to plug the leaks for the exits of Torreira, Odriozola (do not listen to those who gave hope until ten days ago, the no was final in May) and Piatek and allyou and three roles are already filled great.

I am also cautious (obviously), but if after Mandragora, Jovic and Gollini today Dodò also ends as I think, Fiorentina will be stronger than last year. I would like to say much louder, but I am waiting to see the pitch. Obvious.

Many perhaps do not know Dodò, but if he is confirmed also in Italy, I assure you that this is a Brazilian full-back of leg and quality, in the wake of the Cafù, so to speak. Who, among other things, already knows the movements for having played De Zerbi’s football similar to that of Italian.

The surprise, if you like, is the arrival of Gollini. With all honesty, without problems, and if you don’t remember, I’ll tell you, I excluded this possibility. Because? Simple. Fiorentina did not want to spend a lot of money on a goalkeeper considering Terracciano excellent and looking at different prospects growing among young people who could explode within one or two years. Good. It is true that Gollini had been proposed a month and a half ago by intermediaries, but Atalanta at the time only wanted to sell and monetize. In the meantime, things have changed, on Cragno there has never been the green light convinced by Italian, Vicario and Carnesecchi cost too much. Fiorentina had then taken on Milinkovic Savic and there was the player’s ok. The Mandragora affair has lost tighter relations between the two clubs and Turin no longer wants to do business with Fiorentina.

In the meantime, Atalanta understood that Gollini had no market at certain figures and preferred to lend it to relaunch it and perhaps monetize it next year. Fiorentina is fine like that. The problem is to sell Dragovski that nobody wants to pay the seven million requested by Viola. But the market is long.

For Milenkovic I don’t close all doors. Italian is still convinced that he can make him stay, the arrival of Jovic could be an extra stimulus even if the interest of Inter and Napoli, but Milan also seems strong. But there is no fury on this. The important thing is to have given Italian the team already formed in its entirety for the retreat in Moena to better prepare the preliminaries of the Conference and the early start of the championship.

I tell you knowing Italian, his cast, his systems and how the players grow with him, I really like this team. I’m out of balance: he can do great things. To all the good things we saw last year was added personality, physicality in the middle of the pitch and technical players everywhere, of great quality. And I think it’s not over, now we will think about the exits of the redundancies, but the Italian will certainly have 22 high-level players and five young people from the nursery to grow.

We wish to give thanks to the writer of this post for this outstanding material


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