Dybala, toda Joya and a lot of beauty: in Turin they already regret it

A start to the season that had been missing since Palermo and the evident sensation of a technical and physical rebirth: this is why Mourinho made the hit of the year

A couple of minutes scarce, the time to take off the bib, enter the field and slam a left behind the innocent and a little stunned Hazard. The star of Paulo Dybalaprecociously considered dilapidated, has returned to shine as in the good old days thanks to the enthusiasm found in Rome and a physical condition that, finally, has resumed supporting him. On the question technique there was not and there is not much to say: that the Argentine belonged to one above average category it was clear then as it is today and the play with which he removed the cap from yesterday’s match against Helsinki it is but the latest demonstration of your indisputable talent. Which, however Dybala could go back to being so perky it was more difficult to imagine. Also because, darkened in the shadow of Ronaldoseemed to have definitely entered a depressive alley that was undermining his career.

The fact is that since crying on the day of farewell to Juve to the smiles replicated in series of this first part of the Roma seasonthe step was short while widening a cosmic distance between the Dybala turned off in the last two years to today’s on fire. The breaking point is probably mental, as all the physical problems suffered by the Argentine seemed at one point to be mental. Paulo is fine today, he is happy and it shows, he plays with serenity and feeling the unconditional trust of Mourinho and everything Rome, who loves him as if he’s been there forever. A condition that, for a player who, if anything, lacked personality, is ideal to make the most of. And the best to date has been a series of positive performances topped off with 4 goals and 2 assists in eight appearances between championship and cup.

Obviously in the rebirth of Dybala there is also the hand of Mou. Not only for the almost unique ability of the Portuguese coach to motivate his players. But also, if not specifically, for the managing his position on the pitch and for freedom of action that the Giallorossi module grants him. So no longer, as in recent years, a talent relegated to the right wing with the possibility of central insertion, but a pure attacking midfielder, called only to find the best position between the lines to receive the ball and trigger the offensive maneuver.

The numbers of the Argentine do not say everything but they do not lie: since he has been with Roma, Dybala has the best 90-minute assist average (0.3) and the highest average of dangerous opportunities created from the Italian beginnings with the Palermo to date (3.84). There minutes / goal average is the third best ever (153 against 130 in his best Juventus season, 2017/18, topped off with 26 goals at the time), but above all he is still at zero matches missed against the 26 of 2020/21 and the 13 of last year. That is to say, he has found that continuity that was missing and for which Juve has probably decided to get rid of it. To the joy of Roma, who took home a champion again in a state of grace and to the desperation of most of the Juventus fans, already unhappy at the time to lose him and justifiably desperate today in light of what Joya is doing to Rome.

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Dybala, toda Joya and a lot of beauty: in Turin they already regret it

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