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Empoli-Turin, live match of the Serie A 2021/2022 championship: official line-ups, pre-match, result and scoreboard

Four days from the end of Serie A 2021/2022, Torino play in Empoli, where they have won only one game in history, in 1984. The challenge is not important for ranking goals, but it could allow Juric’s grenade to take the lead. left side of the table: by winning, Toro would in fact overtake Sassuolo. The Azzurri, for their part, found victory thanks to the crazy comeback against Napoli, gained in the final minutes. The kick-off is at 3 pm: the live broadcast is here, on Toro.it.

Empoli-Turin 1-3: the scoreboard

Markers: st. 10 ′ Zurkowski (E), 32 ′ Belotti (T), 42 ′ Belotti (T), 45 + 6 ′ Belotti (T)
Ammonites: pt. 18 ‘Pinamonti (E), Vojvoda (T), 29’ Lukic (T), Juric (T); st. Henderson (E), 14 ′ Andreazzoli (E)
Expelled: st. 14 ‘Verre (E), 40’ Stojanovic

Empoli (4-3-2-1): Vicar; Stojanovic, Luperto, Viti, Parisi; Zurkowski (st. 44 ′ La Mantia), Asllani, Henderson; Verre, Di Francesco (st. 19 ‘Benassi); Pinamonti. Available: Ujkani, Furlan, Stulac, Romagnoli, Cutrone, Bajrami, Fazzini, Fiamozzi, Cacace, Ismajli. Trainer: Andreazzoli

Turin (3-4-2-1): Berisha; Djidji, Good morning, Rodriguez; Singo (st. 24 ′ Seck), Lukic (st. 24 ′ Ricci), Pobega, Vojvoda (st. 1 ′ Ansaldi); Praet, Brekalo; Pellegri (st. 24 ′ Belotti). Available: Milinkovic-Savic, Gemello, Bremer, Izzo, Zima, Aina, Mandragora, Linetty. Trainer: Juric

Referee: Cosso (association Palermo – d’Ascanio; IV: Marchetti. VAR: Pezzuto, AVAR: Nasca)


Empoli-Turin: the direct

45 + 6 ‘It ends here: Gallo Belotti’s hat-trick gives Toro the comeback victory

45 + 6 ′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL del Toro: this time the Rooster is not wrong

45 + 5 ′ Another sensational opportunity wasted by Toro: Brekalo leans on Seck who instead of kicking in the door with a beaten goalkeeper serves the Rooster: only corner for the grenade

45 + 4 ′ A golden opportunity wastes Belotti who, face to face with the goalkeeper, stretches the ball and kicks out

45 + 3 ‘Attacks the Bull but Seck is caught offside: punishment for Empoli who starts again

45 ′ Protests from Empoli asking for a penalty for an alleged foul by Djidji: there is nothing for the referee

45 ′ The recovery granted by the referee will be 6 minutes

44 ′ Empoli changes: Lamantia enters, out of Zurkowski

42 ′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL del Toro !!!!!!

40 ‘Penalty for Toro: Gallo Belotti again from the spot

40 ′ EXPELLED Stojanovic for the hand ball: Empoli remains in 9

39 ‘The referee is called back to the monitor

38 ′ Protests by Toro after the referee stopped everything due to a handball by Seck: Toro asks for a previous touch of Stojanovic’s hand

37 ′ Now the Bull believes it continues to attack: corner for the grenade

32 ‘GOOOOOOOL del Gallo !!!! Captain grenade re-establishes parity

31 ′ Penalty confirmed: Belotti goes from the spot

30 ‘We await the indications of the Var on Cosso’s decision

30 ′ WARNED Stojanovic for protests

28 ‘Long ball possession for Toro in front of the Empoli area then tries the conclusion Ansaldi: deflected by Stojanovic’s hand. For the referee it is rigor

24 ′ Toro takes advantage of it to change: inside Ricci, Belotti and Seck for Lukic, Pellegri and Singo

23 ′ Vitti remains on the ground after a contact with Pellegri: ankle problems for him

22 ′ Brekalo’s great stride to look for Pellegri: too long for the grenade that does not reach us

21 ′ Try the Benassi conclusion, too distant and too central to worry Berisha who blocks in complete tranquility

19 ′ Empoli changes: inside the former Benassi grenade in place of Di Francesco

18 ′ Look for the Ansaldi cross but completely wrong the measurements and send the ball directly to the bottom

15 ‘WARNED Andreazzoli for protests

14 ‘EXPELLED Verre: change of card for the Empoli player who entered with a high foot and a hammer on Pellegri’s leg. The race director, recalled by the Var to review the action, changed the previous decision

14 ‘Cossu recalled by the Var to evaluate Verre’s intervention

13 ‘WARNED Vere for a dangerous foul on Pellegri who remains on the ground. THE

12 ′ Ansaldi’s perfect cross to look for Singo’s head, Parisi decisive in the advance

10 ‘GOAL EMPOLI! Sudden conclusion of Zurkowski who brings the hosts forward

8 ′ EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! On the counterattack, Verre looks for and finds Pinamonti who, alone in front of Berisha, sends to the bottom looking for the digger

7 ′ Henderson warned for a foul on Lukic

6 ′ Pellegri’s header: ball out

4 ′ Asllani goes directly into the goal: central but very high ball. No problem for Berisha and for the Bull

4 ‘Foul by Lukic on the edge of the area: very dangerous free kick for Empoli

3 ′ Excellent intervention by Buongiorno who protects Di Francesco and frees the area

1 ′ First change for Torino returning from the locker room with Ansaldi in place of Vojvoda

1 ′ Broken down

Second half

45 ′ The first half ends here: teams in the locker room at 0-0

44 ′ Vojvoda error in setting, Empoli restarts with Di Francesco who makes a mistake in turn and saves the grenade from a dangerous counterattack

42 ′ Very powerful conclusion by Asllani, ball out just a little

38 ′ Conclusion of central Verre: Berisha blocks without any problem

37 ′ Corner for Empoli: tense cross, Pellegri sends back for a corner

36 ′ Praet looks for the cross at the far post, Stojanovic fits between Vojvoda and Pellegri and free

34 ′ Interesting cross from Singo, Henderson anticipates everyone

31 ′ Conclusion of Viti deviated: corner for Empoli

29 ‘WARNED Juric: the referee punishes the Turin coach with a yellow for protests on the occasion of the warning of Lukic who was warned

29 ‘WARNED Lukic for a foul on Parisi: the yellow seems exaggerated enough to trigger protests from the whole bench

28 ′ Singo cross in the area to look for Pellegri who crashes against Luperto and remains on the ground

27 ‘Punishment Empoli, attempt directly in goal by Luperto: Berisha blocks

24 ‘Foul by Luperto on Pellegri, Toro free-kick in midfield

22 & # 39; Pellegri serves Pobega at the edge of the area, the grenade goes to the conclusion: ball out just a little

21 ′ Singo knocks down Pinamonti, Empoli punishment already beaten

19 ′ Look for the solution from the distance Brekalo, very high conclusion on the crossbar

18 ‘AMMONITI Pinamonti and Vojvoda went hard after a game contact

18 ‘Foul by Viti that knocks down Pobega: punishment for the Bull

16 ′ Corner for Empoli: Verre touches short for Parisi, cross at the near post, pushes Pobega away

15 ‘Attempts to cross Di Francesco but there is nobody in the grenade area: Pobega free in lateral foul

14 ′ Another attempt by the Bull with Djidji who does not find the door with his head

12 ′ Toro opportunity: Pobega collects the short postponement of Empoli and leaves a powerful conclusion that comes out slightly

11 ‘Corner for Toro: ball on the near post, Empoli removed

11 ′ Immediate reversal of the front with Pellegri who tries the conclusion, stopped well by Vicario who comes out on the feet of the grenade attacker and blocks everything

10 ‘Cut of Vere to look for Pinamonti in the area: Berisha comes out well and makes the ball his own

9 ′ Cross by Vojvoda in the center, rejects Verre who makes Empoli repat

6 ′ Excellent coverage in the grenade area of ​​Buongiorno on Di Francesco: the grenade well anticipates the attacker who escaped to Djidji

3 ′ Very high rhythms in these first moments of the match on both sides: Empoli press very high with the Toro struggling to break through

2 ‘Foul on Singo in midfield, Toro punishment already beaten

1 ′ Empoli-Turin match, the grenades touch the first ball and kick off the match

Empoli-Turin: the pre-match

14.50 – Empoli and Turin are back in the locker room: shortly before 15 they will enter the field.

2.30 pm – Teams on the pitch for the warm-up at Castellani: clear skies over Empoli. Half an hour and it begins!

2 pm – Official formations announced: Bremer does not recover and goes to the bench, Berisha returns to the starting position while Pellegri plays in front. Sanabria, on the other hand, is not present on the bench.

1 pm – There are two hours left to the start of Empoli-Turin at the “Castellani”. There is expectation to know the official formations of the two teams. In Taurus, Juric announced on the eve of Bremer’s not perfect physical condition, whose presence from 1 ′ is in doubt. Both Mandragora and Izzo returned to the squad. Out Pjaca.

Empoli-Turin: where to see it on TV and in streaming

Empoli-Turin live will be broadcast on Dazn, the streaming service which in the three-year period 2021-2024 holds the rights to broadcast Serie A matches.

Empoli-Turin: the official formations

Empoli (4-3-2-1): Vicar; Stojanovic, Luperto, Viti, Parisi; Zurkowski, Asllani, Henderson; Verre, Di Francesco; Pinamonti. Available: Ujkani, Furlan, Stulac, Romagnoli, Cutrone, Bajrami, Benassi, Fazzini, La Mantia, Fiamozzi, Cacace, Ismajli. Trainer: Andreazzoli

Turin (3-4-2-1): Berisha; Djidji, Good morning, Rodriguez; Singo, Lukic, Pobega, Vojvoda; Praet, Brekalo; Pellegri. Available: Milinkovic-Savic, Gemello, Bremer, Izzo, Zima, Belotti, Ansaldi, Seck, Ricci, Aina, Mandragora, Linetty. Trainer: Juric

Empoli-Turin, the direct

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