Even Berlusconi against Inter and Milan: “San Siro should not be knocked down”

Vittorio Sgarbi, new Undersecretary for Culture, hard on the project of the new stadium: “It dates back to 1926, there is an automatic restriction. We will never authorize the demolition. I understand Mayor Sala but this mistake will not be made”

Sgarbi “stops” the bulldozers that would like to tear down the San Siro and finds an immediate bank in Silvio Berlusconi. A scenario and a message that will not please Milan and Inter: “The Meazza cannot be touched and Sgarbi does not say it, it is the law”. This is the declaration of the new Undersecretary for Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi. Who argues: “San Siro is from ’26, it would be like knocking out the EUR in Rome, so it is naturally bound because the restriction would be automatic beyond the age of 70, it cannot be thrown down”.

Cultural interest or not?

Words that clash with the pronouncement two years ago of the Regional Commission for the cultural heritage of Lombardy, which responding to a request from the mayor Beppe Sala had established the absence of “cultural interest” as it is an “architectural artefact in which the persistence of the original stadium of 1925-26 and of the enlargement of 1937-39 are completely residual compared to the subsequent adaptation interventions “.

“If you need a bond, I will put it – says Sgarbi – But you don’t need a bond to save it, if anything, a decision by the ministry would be needed to say knock it down and it will never arrive. From the ministry it will never arrive”.

The Sesto San Giovanni alternative

“I understand Sala (the mayor of Milan, ed.) But I put the Pietà Rondanini and its location as the emblem of an error that will not be repeated – concluded Sgarbi, criticizing the new staging of Michelangelo’s work at the Castello Sforzesco -. Here this mistake will not be made. No superintendency will say that it can be demolished “. A bad blow for the hopes of Milan and Inter to have a new stadium in the current area, the teams would be forced to think of another area to build it (in the case of the Rossoneri it would return to the Sesto San Giovanni hypothesis). The hypothesis that Milan could have two stages is unlikely due to obvious sustainability issues. Impossible that they can coexist in San Siro one next to the other, but also identify a new municipal territory. That’s why, the possibility that the Meazza remains standing brings with it the relaunch of Sesto San Giovanni. In short, a story that risks becoming more and more complicated.

Berlusconi is with Sgarbi

In the evening, Silvio Berlusconi also spoke on the affair via Facebook: “In relation to the issue of the project to demolish the San Siro stadium in Milan, I join the protest chorus of representatives of culture, representatives of institutions, fans, ordinary citizens. The stadium, with its 70 years of life, should be protected and protected; it is part of the history of Milan and the history of Italian football. Italy and in the world “.

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Even Berlusconi against Inter and Milan: “San Siro should not be knocked down”

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