Fabio Liverani, ex-wife Federica died

Federica Liverani lost the last battle. She left in the early afternoon. The ex-wife of Fabiocurrent coach of the Cagliari and mother of her children Mattia and Lucrezia, she was 46 years old. She had been ill for some time. But on the causes of her death there is the utmost confidentiality of her. The man is tough but the blow is and will remain horrible.

Liverani, rather annoyed by the home defeat with Bari, also in view of the break, last Saturday he gave the team two days of rest. Since Sunday he was in Rome, close to her wife. They had met as kids. At school, thirteen-year-old peers. Then, the journey together. Strong, proud, happy parents soon. Around the stadiums of half of Italy.

The announcement of Lecce and Cagliari

She, solid, always a step back but very present on everything. He, on the pitch with the jerseys of Lazio, Fiorentina and Palermo, among others. Without missing a touch of blue: three tokens collected with the National A. Then, with the start of the career as a coach, the second professional tour, on the benches of Genoa, in the youth sector, Ternana, Lecce and Parma. And it was Lecce, around 20, to list the post on twitter for Federica’s untimely death. “Us Lecce expresses its deepest condolences to Mr. Fabio Liverani for the premature loss of his dear wife and embraces his children Mattia and Lucrezia sharing the great pain for the death of his beloved mother”. Cagliari also sent a message via social media: “Cagliari Calcio joins the pain of Mr. Liverani for the loss of Federica, mother of the beloved sons Mattia and Lucrezia. They embrace the rossoblù family.”

Many messages on social media

A blow, however you turn it over. The news has deeply shaken the world of football. Hundreds of posts and messages on social media. After Lecce – where Fabio got the leap from Lega Pro to Serie A – even Ternana expressed condolences to the coach on her profiles. Solidarity, condolences and proximity to rivers from sportsmen, former teammates, managers, friends and colleagues. For Fabio and for his children Mattiaborn in 2004, young soccer player in the footsteps of his father, e Lucretia, five years younger, a mourning that to define immense is an understatement. The team learned of the disappearance of the technician’s wife in the early afternoon in Asseminello. The rossoblù met for the resumption of training. The session was led by the second coach, Cesare Bovo. Needless to say, the atmosphere.

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Fabio Liverani, ex-wife Federica died

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