FcIN – Skriniar and Inter, match still open between bluffs, intentions, welcome banners and a positive precedent

The game is open, otherwise it would have been closed for some time. The negotiation between Inter and Milan Skriniar it cannot be considered closed one way or the other precisely because it is still being talked about. And this is why, in any case, optimism filters through Viale della Liberazione, by virtue of the fact that if the Slovak had wanted to give in to Parisian flattery, he would have done so a long time ago.

SUMMING UP – Skriniar has a 9 million offer for the next 4 years from Paris Saint-Germain (most likely a signing bonus), to move to France at the end of the season as a free man. The Nerazzurri’s proposal is instead fixed at 6.5 million all inclusive, and according to what filters from the club it will not be increased, as it is the maximum possible effort. Slightly inferior therefore to the request of the defender, who would like a style treatment Marcelo Brozovic (6,5+1)

BLUFF – The case of the Croatian midfielder has set a benchmark for Skriniar and his entourage. Initially Bronze he had asked for 8 million, while Inter had offered him 4.5. After months of negotiations, both sides took a step towards each other and the deal closed for a four-year period at the aforementioned figure. The same could be said for the negotiation with Ivan Perisic: the Nerazzurri management at the time made it known that over 4 million plus bonuses for 2 years would not go, then faced with the risk of losing the winger, they went as far as to 5 plus bonuses. But by now the Croatian had married Tottenham’s project, worth 6 million per season. Here, in the past when the concept of maximum offer filtered from Inter, over time the amount on the plate increased towards the request of the player in question. And there’s no reason to think it’s any different this time around.

INTENTIONS – After all, it is right to reiterate a concept: if Skriniar had wanted to go to Paris he would have already communicated it to Inter. Instead he is waiting for that little step from the club to further lock him down. The class of ’95 is doing well in Milan, the captain’s armband has made him even more responsible and the banner displayed by the Curva Nord in Monza made him enormous pleasure (as well as the one at the Meazza against Parma, probably). In his head there is no intention of leaving, but he expects the same treatment reserved for another key player in the team, Brozovic. Salary far from that proposed by PSG, but sufficient to tie further to Inter. The club itself is well aware that it will have to make another effort and after the Super Cup, when the next contact is expected, it will be necessary to show greater flexibility. It would be unwise to lose such an important player for the team as well as a assets relevant to society for a difference of one million between supply and demand. There is therefore no reason to believe Skriniar is destined to leave Milan at the end of the season. The game is still wide open.


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FcIN – Skriniar and Inter, match still open between bluffs, intentions, welcome banners and a positive precedent

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