Ferrero: «I want to save my Sampdoria and then disappear. I apologize to the fans “

Massimo Ferrero wants to return to Sampdoria: the announcement of the former president awaiting the end of the ban

Massimo Ferrero broke the silence. The former president awaits the end of the ban (6 December) to be able to return to the Sampdoria. Here is the announcement through the pages de The XIX Century.

BACK TO SAMPDORIA – «I hope so, I’m working on it. My goal is to try to get her back to a safe haven. The truth is that my family owns the Sampdoria club and therefore I will continue to be interested in the fate of the team that represents nine years of my life. In recent months, the economic and sporting situation has plummeted. I want to get involved and find the resources to go on until the end of the season and strengthen Sampdoria. I want at least six players in January “.

FANS – «We must end the war, I ask the fans for a truce. Let’s make peace, for the sake of Sampdoria. I am aware of having made mistakes in the past, at times I have expressed myself badly because of my “Romanity”. I apologize to anyone who felt offended, it was absolutely not my intention. Now only the union, and not the division, can help Sampdoria. No more prejudices, no more violence. Help me to help Sampdoria get out of it. We guarantee a future worthy and I give you my word of honor that once the team lands in a safe harbor, I will disappear and I will thank you forever ».

ILLNESS – «Watching the match against Torino I felt bad, I accused a very strong anxiety attack. I have a lot of modesty about my privacy, I’m talking about it now because I know that the news came out in some newspaper. The situation of Sampdoria makes me suffer a lot, I cannot remain helpless ».

LANNA – «I have always had faith in Lanna, I put him in my place, knowing that he was a very welcome person to the Sampdoria supporters. He is working, he chose Stankovic. I am struck by the serenity and the smile that he manages to keep in this period. Does he realize the situation or is he a great actor? On the other hand, I feel bad because I am aware of the seriousness of the risk that Sampdoria is running ».

TRUST – «It was necessary for Sampdoria to move away from Roman events, as they are tired of being insulted. In the meantime, they continue to bring my Sampdoria to the levels it deserves, in order to be able to sell it in the best conditions ».

BLITZ AL FERRARIS – «For some time I felt the desire to see Sampdoria on the pitch, live, growing inside. I was advised not to come with Monza, I did not want to come with Roma to avoid misunderstandings even though I am more Sampdorian than you might think. I fell into a trap. I will also be Viperetta, but I am loyal. I was in Milan and in order not to disturb the team I entered in the middle of the first half, I had warned anyway. When I showed up in the skybox, Lanna greeted me, shook my hand and walked out. Then someone alerted the fans. I don’t deny that I was surprised by Lanna’s behavior, as if he didn’t want to be seen by the fans with me. But it is my impression. He surely he doesn’t have it with me. A few days earlier he had come to Milan to meet me, in recent months we have also texted each other. Lanna is a very good president, a figure who represents an important piece of the glorious and winning history of Sampdoria ».

Board of Directors – «The Board of Directors was appointed with general approval and everyone is aware of it. The Ferrero family has given them the utmost confidence, there has never been any interference from us. And if someone isn’t happy, they don’t have to work. What is the use of complaining and clinging to the chair? Besides, it makes no sense to accuse them of still having contact with me. As if the property needs spies to find out what is going on in the company … The managers are required to inform the trustee and, consequently, me too. If we have to look for the faults instead of solving the problems, then they are all guilty ”.

GARRONE – «Maybe someone has forgotten how much they invested in Sampdoria in the past. They accuse him of giving me the club, but with me Sampdoria has always achieved sporting results at the height and has never found itself in its current conditions. I brought the best of footballers, I worked to obtain permits and build the new sports center, Casa Samp, the guesthouse of the youth sector. On a political level we have built a serious image in the League, carrying on many battles. And when did I fight to abolish the fan card? When did we go to the Europa League? When did we win derbies? Between me and the fans everything broke up with Napoli four years ago, when I went under the storm to avoid a disqualification of the field and defend the team. From there personal violence, threats… ».

ASSIGNMENT – «Vidal takes care of it. In the meantime, we need to think about the present and avoid a relegation that clubs and fans do not deserve. You are the most beautiful fans in the world, let’s think about saving Sampdoria. We keep the economic bar straight to sell the company ».

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Ferrero: «I want to save my Sampdoria and then disappear. I apologize to the fans ”

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