Fewer goals, few smiles, Allegri’s criticisms: because Vlahovic at Juve struggles more than expected

from Paolo Tomaselli

Vlahovic was disappointed on Sunday with Venice to make way for Chiellini: three months and seven goals after his transfer, the setting more difficult than expected. The team is tired, too. Merry: he always wants to overdo it

Composed, yet expressive, with a face that was all a program. So – disappointed, perhaps first of all with himself, but also perplexed by the change – Dusan Vlahovic on Sunday gave way to Chiellini to defend Juventus 2-1 with Venezia last in the standings. Thanks to these three points, Madama conquered the certainty of playing the Champions League three days early, a goal that at the beginning of February when the Serbian talent paid 80 million to Fiorentina arrived was not so obvious.

Yet three months and seven goals later, Vlahovic’s adaptation to the award-winning Allegri gym proceeds with some difficulty. Blame the numbers, of course, even if they can be a little misleading: DV7 remained without scoring 7 times out of 12 with Juve and 9 times out of 21 with Fiorentina, but there are also 5 penalties kicked with the purple shirt. Without these, the average goal of the first part of the season coincides with that of the new Juventus life, that is, a goal every 155 minutes. The other parameters (assists, shots per game, turnovers, offsides) are also very similar. So why that dark face?

Vlahovic doesn’t always seem comfortable on the pitch, perhaps he is also little helped by the well-known cheerful concept according to which the attackers essentially have to make do. The Serbian plays on the edge of his nerves and after his debut goal with Verona e the one at the first Champions League performance of his career, after just one minute, at the La Ceramica stadium in Vila-Real, he was certainly thinking of a more downhill road. Instead the pressures, the general tiredness of the team and perhaps also of him, without forgetting the situation of Dybala now separated at home, created a less favorable context for a further qualitative leap. Other heavy goals arrived, such as the three-point one in Cagliari or the equal one against Bologna, but the Serbian in front of defenders like Demiral, Bremer, Skriniar, Igor or Albiol in the second leg of the second round of the Champions League, struggled to win duels, to create opportunities. He also received little help from comradesof course, but he has lost some certainty: on Sunday the Welsh Ampadu of Venezia, re-adapted to the right central in the 3-man defense, neutralized him.

Allegri, in addition to not sparing him benches and substitutions, has never made him miss – together with the appreciations – even the criticisms. It is part of the growth path that Max has reserved in the past also for Dybala, Pogba, Kean or Morata (repeated on Sunday) and all in all also for Chiesa. Because everyone can still improve, let alone if they have been playing football for a year and a half, as Allegri of Vlahovic said. I talk to him and tell him he must remain calm, he always wants to overdo it – says the technician -. good at scoring and has a good average, a point of reference for us. Like all those who experience, he must find balance. Playing for Juve is different than Fiorentina, but he is withstanding the pressure. I’m happy with what he’s doing and he can only get better.

A lot of gymnastics will be useful to be ready for the new season in August, when Vlahovic will have an extra shoulder: with qualification in the Champions League, Chiesa’s redemption becomes automatic.

May 3, 2022 (change May 3, 2022 | 07:23)

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Fewer goals, few smiles, Allegri’s criticisms: because Vlahovic at Juve struggles more than expected

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