Fiorentina, Torreira and a history already seen with Roberto Baggio

In Florence, in recent times, the fans have hardly had moments of joy. The last years of management Of the valley and the first two of that Commisso they were disappointing to say the least: never beyond tenth place with the Viola often fighting in the marshy areas of the standings. This year with the extraordinary season of Fiorentina from Vincenzo Italianand the achievement of the seventh place with the consequent qualification to the preliminaries of Conference Leagueone could think of a quiet summer full of surprises, yes, but in a positive way. No way. Less than 12 hours after the decisive victory against Juventus of the former Vlahovic, the first cold shower has arrived: against all expectations Lucas Torreira he found himself with great chances of leaving Florence. The Uruguayan director, who has shown on the pitch that he fully embraces the club’s project and the warmth of the purple fans, most likely will not be redeemed by ‘Arsenal. The dynamics of modern football are now unpredictable but, with the player who has repeatedly reiterated his desire to continue wearing the purple shirt, no one would have expected such an epilogue. A situation that perhaps, taking all the due proportions of the case, in Florence has already been experienced a long time ago.

THE ILLUSTER PREVIOUS – Avellino, May 16, 1990. Fiorentina drew 0-0 in the second leg of the Uefa Cup final against Juventus, after having lost the first leg in a daring way and with much controversy, and surrendered to have to see the trophy in the hands of the bianconeri. What could have become a historic day for the entire city turns into a nightmare in just a few hours. The next day comes the news that for some time had been circulating in Florence in the form of a rumor: the then president viola Flavio Pontello announces the sale Roberto Baggio, absolute jewel of that team, to the bitter enemies. The player, recognizing the affection of the purple people who have adopted him in the true sense of the word, tries to stay until the end but the will of the property prevails over everything and everyone. The clashes and scuffles that follow in the days following the official announcement are history.

DIFFERENT DESTINATIONS? – The two negotiations are obviously different, both in economic terms and in terms of football-cultural background, but it is undeniable that there is a clear common thread between them. Not to mention that, if for the Divin Codino the epilogue is already known, for the Uruguayan everything is still to be decided, however addressed. In both cases, the player is totally involved in the project and “kidnapped” by the entire purple environment that until the end tried to overturn the situation: 30 years ago Baggio who until the last tried to convince Pontello to resist the advances of Montezemolo, today Torreira who both on the pitch and on social media has shown strongly that he wants to stay at Fiorentina. In Florence the Torreiramaniawith the hashtag #redeemTorreira which is becoming popular on all social networks. When Fiorentina announced last summer that they had secured the midfielder on loan with the right to solo, if you think about his seasonal performance, 15 million euros, the duo Barone-Pradè was acclaimed by all. In just 12 months, the situation was completely reversed. Now it’s up to the purple management to try to mend the tear, to return to planning next season without further worries.

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Fiorentina, Torreira and a history already seen with Roberto Baggio

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