Francesco Totti in the crosshairs of anti-money laundering: suspicious wire transfers to the casinos of Monte Carlo, London and Las Vegas

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And not only. The payment of 80 thousand euros to the account of a pensioner from Anzio is also in the crosshairs of Bankitalia’s risk managers

Not only there separation from Ilary Blasi. More trouble, nothing sentimental this time, would bring – again – Francesco Totti in court. The news, reported by The truth while he and his new partner Noemi Bocchi are in luxury cruise in Miami for the Christmas festivities, speaks in fact of «suspicious transactions reported by the anti-money laundering officers”.

From the checks carried out in the credit institution in which the Captain has deposited his savings, important ones would emerge betting investments. The latest alert, which came to the attention of the Bank of Italy pool, dates back to August: a “non-interest bearing loan” of 80 thousand euros sent to the account of an elderly pensioner residing in Anzio. A joint account with daughter AM, employee of the company Sport and health (formerly Coni Servizi) controlled by the Ministry of Economy. On the same day, however, that money travels from the 50-year-old’s account to one of hers jointly with her husband, DM, an employee of the Ministry of the Interior and a friend of Totti, and finally to the personal account of the DM himself.

Going to analyze the movements of the couple, it emerged that in addition to the accreditation of salariesfollow each other periodically «domestic wire transfers» in favor of the husband: transfers, we read, «from companies operating in the sector of online betting», such as Malta Limited Terrestrial, Malta Limited Online and Sa.Pa. Srl. Fifteen transfers for a total of around 87 thousand euros. Furthermore, always in the period under consideration, ben 125 thousand euros were diverted to the personal accounts of the spouses. In their favor then “negotiations” were Bank checks for a value of 445 thousand EUR. According to the Anti-Money Laundering Department, it still reports The truthit’s about a “opaque activity with counterparties operating in the online betting sector”. When questioned in this regard in the context of the investigative activity, the spouses would not have provided «adequate clarifications and justifications» and would have shown «a evasive attitude and uncooperative.

The name of Totti would come into play in June of 2020. From the examination of two accounts, one jointly owned with Blasi and one with Manuel Zubiria Furest, former Roma team manager. First, a credit line of 2.5 million euros for one renovationand then end up under observation five bank checksi.e. a transfer, registered in the name of the Société financière et d’encaissement (Sfe) based in Montecarlo for 1.305 million of Euro. The causal: «to finance the days that the well-known character likes to spend in the gambling house of the Principality». And not just there. In fact, another transfer of 300 thousand euros is also highlighted «in favor of the company United London services limited, connected with the London casino» and another of 200 thousand «in favor of the Belco company, apparently connected with the vegas casino».

Never suspicious movementsfinished in the crosshairs of the Anti-money laundering, also concern inbound operationssuch as for example the 201 thousand euro one carried out by Mgm resorts international, un Las Vegas hotel with adjoining gambling house. AND the list is long. As well as that of cash withdrawals and transfers in favor of his brother Riccardo. Or collections in charity which was also attended by teammates (such as Antonio Rudiger, Thomas Vermaelen, Radja Nainggolan, Juan Jesus, Edin Dzeko and Emerson Palmieri), but with the reason “fines” and “sanctions”. For this reason, according to the experts, “strong doubts remain regarding the real destination of the money sent to the various international casinos». The risk managers also specify that the customer reported: «”I like to bet“. These are payments that he makes for his days spent at the Monte Carlo casino as he is passionate about gambling”. The assessment therefore concludes as follows: “The customers in the report are also customers of the subsidiary Fideuram Spa and San Paolo Invest Spa. The raise the risk profile to a high level».

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Francesco Totti in the crosshairs of anti-money laundering: suspicious wire transfers to the casinos of Monte Carlo, London and Las Vegas

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