Furia Mourinho, tough outburst against the team: the sentence said in the locker room

ROME – Another outburst. Not comparable to the outbursts of Bodo or Milan, but still significant and incisive. José Mourinho is very angry for the last two games of the Rome, as he partially explained after Sunday’s victory against Lecce. Already last week, in the aftermath of the 1-2 cashed at Betis, he had collected the players in the locker room to express all his disappointment: «For me it is not acceptable to lose a match like this, especially at home. In my career I have rarely lost in my stadium and I have no intention of doing it here. Maybe you don’t care but I do “ was the meaning of the speech.


Mourinho, who had recognized the quality of the Spanish opponent in the press room, hoped to stimulate a nervous reaction in the players. Instead he got one bad winstrongly influenced by the expulsion of Hjulmand and by the fatal rigor of Dybala. “Maybe over the years I have forgotten Italian, I can’t explain myself, because the team on the pitch does the opposite of what we feel” confessed in post Lecce interviews. And so, at the resumption of work in Trigoria, Mourinho arrived even more charged: he has interrupted training frequently, dispensing reproaches to all those who missed a movement or a passage. It’s his way of shaking a team from the torpor that, “Also for physical and mental fatigue”, he must leave without his most important player. One of the rejected, perhaps definitive, is the Guinean Camara: the public reference to absence “dramatic” from Wijnaldum it was the indirect admission of low (technical) estimation for the last reinforcement.

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TO Seville Roma play a lot: if they don’t get at least one point, they seriously risk being relegated to Conference League, because Ludogorets are already one point ahead and will play at home against Hjk tomorrow. Mourinho demands an answer from the men most trusted by him: Pellegrini, Abraham, Mancini, Cristante. It is they, along with Smalling who has always done his duty to him, who have to take the team on his shoulders right now. When the coach referred to the fear of erreven in training, he was probably referring to the center forward, who got lost behind his mistakes in front of goal.

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The kings

Abraham, in a crisis of confidence, he needs a heavy goal to get back on track. In summer, in Israel, he jokingly assured him that he was not envious of the attention given to Dybala “Because in Rome there is also room for two kings”. But at the start of the season he scored only two goals, both decisive, thanks to an assist from Paolino. For the rest he has disappointed, making mistakes even very simple plays. On Sunday evening, at the end of the match, he remained on the pitch for a few minutes to mull over the new wasted opportunities. They explained to him that the only way to return to oneself is to face difficulties lightly. Easy to say, a little less internalizing it.

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Furia Mourinho, tough outburst against the team: the sentence said in the locker room

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