Gollini to KK: “I was close already in the summer, but Napoli were evaluating Navas! I’ll tell you about the celebration with Osimhen. Scudetto? One thing is always said in the locker room…”

Pierluigi Gollini, the new Napoli goalkeeper, presents himself today at the end of the market with an interview given to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli

Pierluigi Gollinithe new Napoli goalkeeper, appears today at the end of the market with an interview given to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli: “Few people know that there had been a rapprochement in the summer, but Napoli was making its assessments and I had the Florence thing quite underway. Fiorentina was ready for my transfer, Napoli had other priorities, like the situation in Navas. Now I’m happy to be in this square that I’ve always liked, that I’ve always looked at with admiration for what it broadcasts, for what it offers to the players, and obviously for the Napoli team.”

Osimhen came to you after the goal to celebrate: can you tell us about this gesture? “I thank him. In the locker room I said to him in English ‘Show me the lion you are’. Then we talked for a bit and bonded naturally. It’s a gesture he made to welcome me. I thank him. I think I’ve been in this group for a long time, also because I’ve known them for a long time with the Italians for the national teams, then there’s Ndombele who I had with me at Tottenham. And I integrated very well with the others too”.

With the Fiorentina shirt you made a great save against Raspadori. “Yes, certainly that was my best moment in Fiorentina. Then I no longer found the space I wanted and he advised me to come here. Jack made an excellent play, I made an excellent save. You could already tell that Napoli had started strong, today they are a more tested team. A few Neapolitan fans cursed me for that save and that match, today I hope to repay them with this shirt”.

Did they welcome you like family? “Yes. A lot is also given by the people who work for Napoli, starting with the warehouse workers, the chef, the physiotherapists. They welcomed me as if I had really arrived in a family and this helps a lot to integrate right away and make us feel at home. And then there’s a very calm, mature, solid group-team. A group with feet on the ground and it was very easy for me to fit in”.

Spalletti said he’s not good at math to calculate for the Scudetto… “The key to the discussion is to think match by match and that’s how it is here, it’s the strength of this group. If we can do what this team has shown over time, the future ahead is good. Milan won the Scudetto last year and this year he’s going through a difficult moment: this is to say that in football things seem easy but they aren’t, so what the coach says is right to keep his feet on the ground”.

Did they tell you about the Neapolitan culture? Tipo Raspadori was impressed by the New Year’s Eve. “Everyone talks about the potential future celebration of the Scudetto. They all say: ‘Imagine what happens if it happens here?’ it’s unique”.

You played in the Premier League: does Napoli look like a Premier team? “The thing that Premier League teams have in common, apart from City, is the level of competitive spirit and intensity. Today we have a very high technical level, I was impressed when I arrived. The level is really high in all the players, they are all strong technically. The team is confident and we hope for the best. Then there is also a great intensity and this unites us to European football: both in Germany and in the Premier League we play with great competition, with great intensity.”

Can matches like the one against Spezia also be difficult? “Especially away from home… Spezia is a tough stadium, very small, nearby, the crowd will be warm. Then when one is first in the standings the others always play with a knife between their teeth. But we’ll go to Spezia and we’ll be ready “.

Can this Napoli become the loose cannon of the Champions League? “The Champions League is a very difficult, extremely competitive competition. From our side we have the possibility of taking the field carefree, without being afraid of anyone and playing our cards at our best. With the talent and way of playing that we have, we can make it we play with anyone”.

Of the four best Italian goalkeepers, two are from Napoli: is that a good sign? “Definitely yes. I can only be happy about it and say that Napoli have made the right choices. From a technical point of view, the Italian goalkeeper school is the best. The way of coaching of the old Italian school has remained a little too fixed on points because football has become more European, the goalkeeper must play with his feet, be more dynamic. And therefore we can also take from others and modernize the school. But from a technical point of view, the Italian school is still the best in the world. The technique it helps you not to make mistakes and leads you to be complete”.

Still on the Champions League. “We at Atalanta always went onto the pitch with the thought of being able to play against anyone and it’s right to do so here at Napoli too. Let’s be realistic, we go step by step and think match by match: it’s the best thing so as not to waste energy. All matches championship must be finals and when you go on the pitch in the Champions League you have to go carefree on the pitch because we can play against anyone”.

Soon they will also play against Fiorentina. “I hope that day there will be a wonderful day”.

A message to the fans.I thank all the people of Naples for the welcome I received, they made me feel at home and welcome from the first moment. On a human level this is priceless, I thank them all.”

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Gollini to KK: “I was close already in the summer, but Napoli were evaluating Navas! I’ll tell you about the celebration with Osimhen. Scudetto? One thing is always said in the locker room…”

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