Goodbye Insigne, the captain under attack: “You are not a flag”

On the occasion of the 37th matchday of Serie A, the Naples will host the Genoa at the Maradona, in a race that promises to be full of emotions. If the rossoblu will try to win it at all costs, as they are entangled in the fight salvationfor the Neapolitans the race will have a completely different value.

Lorenzo Insignein fact, he will play his last match at Maradona with the Napoli shirt. The blue captain, who has already signed with the Toronto, will greet then his fans after a ten-year stay in the shadow of Vesuvius.

A party and various initiatives are planned to greet Insigne in the best possible way. On the pages of the Corriere del Mezzogiornohowever, it reads a tough one attack on Insigne. Vittorio Zambardino, a Neapolitan journalist, harshly criticized both Insigne’s choice and his career in the blue jersey. Here are the words of him.

Tears? You leave, but you don’t go to war, Lorenzo dear, you have made a rational and professional choice, two legitimate adjectives that do not move. But yes, the greeting is due to you. You are one of us, in a certain sense “you are” us. We would have wanted you as a flag and leader, and we have never resigned ourselves to your “average” reality, not even when having received power, as always happens to those who receive it too much too soon, you have not been up to it.
And then you too are a victim, like all of Napoli and Napoli, who think that there was only one of divine talent. After Diego, the deluge, it is not possible to appreciate and elevate other champions. Consequently, we do not realize when players more human than him pass in front of us, but still great athletes. A few names: Cavani, Higuain (yes, Higuain, and let’s do away with the wars of religion), Mertens, Jorginho, Albiol, Fabian Ruiz

SSC Napoli‘s (from left) Paolo Cannavaro, Edinson Cavani and Lorenzo Insigne celebrate the qualification to the Uefa Champions League at the end of the Italian Serie A football match SSC Napoli vs Siena at San Paolo Stadium in Naples on May 12, 2013. AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SALOMONE (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SALOMONE / AFP via Getty Images)

Naples needs to grind discontent, pessimism, Naples needs to degrade what it has: you have not escaped this fate, you have received too many whistles, this is true. For responsibility
of the city but also because you are Neapolitan like us: presumptuous, lazy, smart. In order not to be disloyal, whoever writes this piece must confess: I was crazy about you, I was ready to argue with those who claimed that you were one of the center of the league (I would argue about this again, look a bit). As in any love, illusion prevailed over reality – “yes, he is immature, he knows only one shot and one role, but he will play, study, grow, look at what goal he scored against Borussia”.
Over the years, you are left with only one shot, with a role and a half, with the idea of ​​being “done and finished” and the refusal to learn and improve yourself. They gave you the number 10 shirt of the national team, but are we aware of the occasion? You could have made us all proud, you could have brought the name of Naples to heaven, but you failed at every appointment. You had to grow up and you didn’t grow up and over time your presumption became unbearable, you weren’t sincere even when you said “I was wrong”.

Just like this city, which in the twenty-first century is still waiting for a hand from the state. You have been given every opportunity, but you have not studied, you have not worked, you have not sacrificed yourself. Even physically, in the way you move on the pitch, you have sometimes embodied the presumption of one who “appears” without being, yet there have been great masters on the way to your Naples. You have shattered our dreams over and over again, beyond the limit of the forgivable and remain for us the captain of mutiny (that was your end) and of missed goals. So, after all, it’s better this way: goodbye, with unchanged affection.
ps Today there will be this party, in our style, «scurdammece o ‘past», music and flags. But it’s a little early to forget all the lost illusions, so you won’t mind if, as they say on twitter, #iorestoacasa. Better this way, because then we too are Neapolitans. Should a treacherous tear escape us ”.

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Goodbye Insigne, the captain under attack: “You are not a flag”

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