Gosens: “I said no to Bayer, I want to fight at Inter. I’m happy and … “

To all Robin Gosens. Directly from Germany to Sport1, the Inter winger spoke between the pitch and the transfer market

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To all Robin Gosens. Directly from Germany, where he is with his national team, the Inter winger spoke between the pitch and the transfer market. Here are the statements of him in the interview given to Sport1.de: “Calling up for the national team? I have put a year of suffering behind me and I am naturally happy to be back here. I see this call as a reward for hard work. But the ticket for the World Cup in Qatar is definitely not in my hands yet. I’m ready to fight again. I’m still not in that state of form I was in Bergamo when my performances were very good. I am close to it, but at the same time I know that there is still a lot to work on.

You are currently entering the field from the bench. In retrospect, was it the right decision to come to Inter?

I play in a top world club and I am happy at Inter. My goal is to establish myself in this great club. Now I have to play three, four, five consecutive games, I’m working on this. Even in terms of the World Cup I have to pick up a certain pace.

Bayer Leverkusen looked for you in the summer and wanted you at all costs, what’s true?

I spoke on the phone with Simon Rolfes and we had a sincere and open exchange. I told him that I haven’t finished at Inter yet and that I would like to fight. I feel very good now at Inter and I’m certainly not there against my will. I am super motivated and happy with the tasks that await me. But I am only satisfied when I am on the pitch, this is a goal that I have with myself.

After the European Championship you were the hero, a couple of months later calm has returned around you. How did you experience these two phases?

It was difficult to rework. After the match against Portugal I was on everyone’s lips, it was a media explosion. Suddenly in my country of origin there were journalists and cameramen at the door of my parents’ house. My parents called me and asked me: “What are we to do, do we have to send them away?” Of course I prefer there to be hype rather than not being noticed at all. But first you have to find your own way. In retrospect it was certainly not right that during the European Championship I was so praised and celebrated, but not even that a couple of months later they canceled me. The up and down swings are too extreme.

Did your family help you through the most difficult times?

My family has always been my guarantee of success. I can always rely on her. My son was born while I was injured. All of this had a positive influence. We footballers live in a kind of parallel universe and we need to be rooted in the family.

What did Hansi Flick tell you when he called you?

He called me and said: “Robin, I want to get an idea of ​​you and your form. We were always in contact even when I was injured. Hansi liked the fact that he played two games in the Champions League as a starter. I am grateful to be able to demonstrate even before the World Cup. It was tough during the injury. At the European Championship I was a star and the future in my role, then the injury and suddenly you have to start over. David Raum and Christian Gunter did a lot Well, in retrospect I would say that I have matured after this fall.

Playing for a club in the Bundesliga in the future?

I have the great will to make this dream come true. I believe that, as a German player who plays for the national team and who has experience in foreign leagues, I might be interested in many Bundesliga clubs in the future as well. I have always followed the Bundes since I was a child and I watch it even now in Italy: it is the only league that I constantly watch. Of course there are no guarantees that this will come true, but I really hope so. If the Bundesliga dream were to come true, Schalke would certainly be the perfect match. It has always been the club I cheered for. Everyone in my region cheers him on. If I ever happen to it, it will close the circle. “

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Gosens: “I said no to Bayer, I want to fight at Inter. I’m happy and … ”

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