Gp Miami, Ferrari and Red Bull developments. Marko: “They won’t keep up”

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In the US, the Red team called to react after Imola’s misstep. On a fast circuit, you have to recover at length, but the differences are subtle. Marko provokes: They won’t be able to keep up

F1 restarts from Miami, fifth challenge between Ferrari and Red Bull. Imola seemed more congenial to the characteristics of the Red, but as had already happened in Australia when Red Bull was the big favorite, the difference of small elements led to an almost unexpected result. I think the difference between us and Red Bull was minimal. The difference was made by the details, Binotto explained after the race. Morale must be kept high because there were small episodes that made the difference, I think about Charles’ start and slow pit stop with which we could have stayed ahead of Perez.

At Imola, Red Bull dared to bring a small package of updates to the track, which helped to lighten Max Verstappen’s RB18 alone by about 4 kg. Updates for Sergio Perez will arrive in Miami due to the lack of time to produce them. This allowed the engineers of the Anglo-Austrian team to widen the set up window, thanks to an improved and optimized weight distribution. We don’t know how much the new update has given us, but it certainly hasn’t made us slower, commented the Red Bull team principal. Christian Hornerat the end of a rather unstable weekend that did not allow the Milton Keynes team to make a real evaluation of the news.

Also on the Santerno circuit, one of the strengths of the RB18s was the aerodynamic efficiency, a low drag that allows the other cars to record better speed peaks. The secret of these impressive peaks – which at the moment n Ferrari, n especially Mercedes manage to counter – it’s all in a car body that generates little resistance and that can run without a major compromise in terms of ground clearance, having solved the porpoising problem with the update introduced in the Bahrain tests. However, thanks to an optimized weight distribution, the RB18 by Max Verstappen he was also able to count on a much better front, opening an important gap with the Imola F1-75 also in corner entry, also facilitated by the absence of jumping, unlike the Red. The front that had instead created important headaches for both Red Bull standard bearers in Melbourne, with the triggering of a heavy understeer and the appearance of the annoying graining that had significantly underperformed both RB18s.

What had been seen in Australia, with a dominant Ferrari, should not have been considered normal, as was what was seen at the Imola weekend. The latest born in Maranello remains an excellent car that will still give Red Bull a hard time, provided that the development program designed in Maranello gives the desired results. Up to now, the Scuderia has been able to count on some important advantages over the competition deriving from being particularly ready on the track, thanks to a fast and easy-to-drive car, and an engine with better reliability than the power unit Honda, which is no small feat in such a close battle. However, with the steps forward made by Red Bull at Imola, which will have to be confirmed immediately in Miami, a totally new track but which, at least on paper, shouldn’t be too displeasing to the RB18s given the important extensions, Ferrari needs a step. forward and this can only be guaranteed by new updates.

Ferrari is a car that enjoys many strengths, more performing in the slow, and more generally in the exit of almost all types of curves, however it lacks in terms of efficiency compared to the fast car designed by Adrian Newey, although the F1-75 is not as inefficient a car as we might think, simply by looking at it from the outside. Another strong point of the Italian car is the important possibility of attacking the curbs. It is no coincidence that in the race Leclerc’s mistake arrived precisely at the Gresin varianti, the former Variante Alta. In that stretch of track, the Ferrari made up a lot of ground on Red Bull and shortly after there was the point where, being less than a second from the car in front, Leclerc could have used the Drs on the main straight. In the end, a lot of confidence and the desire to take second place led the Monegasque into an error that cost him 7 points.

After the updates brought to the track by Red Bull between the tests in Bahrain and the first races, now it’s up to Ferrari to demonstrate how it has improved in the race for developments as well and responding with facts to the provocations of Helmut Marko. Will Ferrari be able to keep up with the updates? I do not believe. As soon as we put real pressure on them, they started making mistakes, the consultant of the Anglo-Austrian team told the Dutch press. In Miami there will be some small innovations of adaptation to a track that should be considered medium-low load while the most important package expected on the F1-75 in Barcelona. Changes are expected in various areas, such as the bottom and the bellies, waiting for a new rear suspension that could arrive in the second half of the season to allow the F1-75 to extract even more potential. The main objective is to eliminate the hopping because it could guarantee a new important step forward, especially in the type of curves similar to the 9 and 10 in Melbourne or like the Tamburello in Imola.

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Gp Miami, Ferrari and Red Bull developments. Marko: “They won’t keep up”

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