“Hot” days for Lukaku and Dybala: Inter smell the sensational double blow

Chelsea opens on loan for Big Rom while a new meeting with the prosecutor is scheduled for the Argentine

Lukaku can return, Dybala is already on the home straight. These are very hot days on the Nerazzurri market front, Inter sniffs the double sensational blow. Let’s proceed in order and start from Big Rom. Chelsea have opened the loan (certainly not free), or at least they are ready to discuss to strike up a negotiation: the insistence of the Belgian striker and his firmness in wanting to return to Milan they have made inroads from this point of view. Lukaku demonstrated in Tuchel the reasons why he no longer intends to stay in London, the interim coach who also holds the reins of the market has agreed with the new property to have to deal: to the loan formula tout court (Romelu’s amortization figure in Chelsea’s balance sheet is equal to 23 million, you cannot go below this threshold) the hypothesis of a loan with exchange is preferred, by including a player who is liked by the Blues in the deal. Obviously the names, in this case, are those of Sticks and Skriniar for defense or Lautaro for the attack, but Inter from this point does not hear us, rather it would be ready to think concretely about De Vrij. In short, the negotiation promises to be very tough, to the limits of the impossiblebut on the one hand it is true that Lukaku, through the lawyer Ledure, got the conversation open and on the other hand it happened that what Marotta called a utopia just two weeks ago conversing with a friend is becoming instead a hypothesis, however remote, of reality.

On the front Dybala, on the other hand, the decisive step necessary to formalize an agreement in principle that has already been found for some time is awaited. The dazzling smile with whom Marotta yesterday greeted the reporters who asked him about the Argentine seems to be the viaticum to the handshake that could arrive in the meeting that the Nerazzurri manager will soon have with Jorge Antun, the former Juventus attorney. The acceleration is due not so much to the possible inclusion of new or old competitors – Dybala has given his absolute preference to the Nerazzurri – as to the fact that, given the departure of both Vidal and Sanchez at Inter, they have decided to strike the blow decisive ahead of time.

From this point of view it must then be added that the arrival of the two (we repeat and emphasize that for Lukaku it is a remote possibility and certainly not yet of a probability) it would not necessarily or obligatorily entail Lautaro’s exit. In short, there wouldn’t be no cause-effect relationship. At the very least, it could be a choice that, however, is not contemplated at the moment neither by Inter nor by Toro who would rather be enthusiastic to embrace Big Rom again and welcome his national team mate. If anything, in that case it would be out one between Dzeko and Correawith an important impact also on the front of the mount wages lightened moreover by the next exit of Vidal and Sanchez and by the one already occurred of Perisic.

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“Hot” days for Lukaku and Dybala: Inter smell the sensational double blow

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