How much do Roma earn if they win the Conference League? The 2021/2022 prize pool

Sara Rome-Feyenoord the final of the first edition of the Conference Leaguewith the last act of this new continental Uefa club competition which will take place on May 25th at the Arena Kombëtare stadium in Tirana.

Roma and Feyenoord will thus return to face each other after the double match of the Europa League in 2015, which jumped to the headlines also for the acts of vandalism carried out by the Dutch fans in the center of the capital before the first leg match.

The Giallorossi reach this Conference League final after beating the English Leicester in the semifinals, while the Rotterdam team had the better of the French of Marseille.

But how much Roma can earn if they win the Conference League? Let’s see what the prize money offered by UEFA and how much the Giallorossi have collected so far during this European ride.

The Uefa Conference League

There Uefa Conference League is the great football news of the 2021/2022 season. In detail it is the third European club trophywith a sort of return to when during the week they fought for the European Cup, the Uefa Cup and the Cup Winners’ Cup.

In total they are 32 teams who took part in the group stage, for a formula that follows that of the current Champions League with the clubs divided into eight groups of four. For theItaly is reserved one place per seasonbut to qualify for the group stage la Rome it still had to go through the playoffs.

The inauguration of the UEFA Conference League took place on 8 July on the occasion of the first qualifying round. As per regulation, the Italian qualified team made its debut in the last round of the play-offs.

The group stage, on the other hand, kicked off on September 16, Thursday and in conjunction with the Europa League matches. The final instead will be held as said on May 25 at the Kombëtare Arena in Tirana.

THE television rights of the competition for the three-year period 2021-2024 were awarded by Skywhich in this way will be able to guarantee its subscribers the vision of all the matches of the three European Cups.

The prize pool

In addition to the trophy and glory, the winner of the Conference League will win a place in the next group stage Uefa Europa League later if you have not already qualified for the Champions League via the league.

As for the prize money UEFA has allocated in total 235 millionabout half that of the Europa League (465 million) and very far from the Champions League which is worth 1.95 billion.

For the market poola total of 23.5 million will be distributed to the 32 participating teams, the same amount as the share that will be assigned based on the coefficients.

Any club that takes part in the group stage of the Conference League will receive 2.94 million. Each victory in the group will guarantee a collection of 500,000 euros, while a draw is 166,000.

These are the awards foreseen for the other phases:

  • Play-offs for qualification – € 300,000
  • Round of 16 – € 600,000
  • Quarter-finals – 1 million
  • Semi-final – 2 million
  • Final – 3 million
  • Win bonus – 2 million

There Rome for his participation in the Conference League he also collected 1.4 million from the Uefa coefficient and 4.3 million from the market pool. In total, the earnings of the Capitoline have been like this so far over 18 million.

In the event of a victory in the final in Tirana against Feyenoord, Roma could earn a total of up to over 20 million, not counting the money collected so far from the box office.

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How much do Roma earn if they win the Conference League? The 2021/2022 prize pool

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