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How can the budget of SSC Napoli change with a Scudetto victory

Naples football – Among the many currents of thought carried forward by some enlightened minds of ours Naples there was the one according to which Aurelio De Laurentiis wasn’t interested in winning a championship because then he would have had to increase the amount of wages and so on. Leaving aside the power that Italian football has in Europe in terms of prestige, a Scudetto is always a Scudetto. If then the president’s club should really win it De Laurentiis not only would it create a really important economic induced, but it would also give Italian football a signal of meritocracy because it would reward a healthy club that, in the presence of its rivals, has always respected the economic parameters without constantly resorting to creative finance instruments.

How much is it worth to win a Scudetto in Italy?

To understand how much a scudetto can affect in terms of revenue, cash flow and merchandising, we must first of all remember how resources are redistributed based on the final placings in the season of our Serie A. Whoever becomes Italian Champion pockets the basic 23.4 million. To these must then be added those relating to the market pool. The title of champion of Italy grants an additional income in terms of income from TV rights. LLega di A divides them as follows: 50% in equal parts, 30% based on sporting results and a final share of 20% calculated on audience and spectators at the stadium. The second item is of interest: in 30% of sports results, 12% relate to the outcome of the last championship: for total TV rights (between Italy and abroad, and the sale of the packages is not yet completed) the A sums over one billion, from which to subtract the mutuality. Whoever wins the championship takes home one 20 million.

Playing in the Champions League season as Italian champions means being able to round up the check received from UEFA. The Scudetto brings a greater share of revenues linked to the market pool, i.e. the value of TV rights on the Italian market. 50% of this amount is divided between the four local clubs based on the results in the previous championship: 40% for the first classified, 30% for the second, 20% for the third and 10% for the fourth. Considering a theoretical pie reserved for Italy of 20 million, winning the championship means collecting 8.

Scudetto and contract with the sponsors

Wanting to take Milan as the most recent example to understand the impact of the Scudetto on the entire commercial-merchandisign area, the Rossoneri had a 40% increase in revenues, almost reaching 100 million in addition to those revenues listed above. The SSC Napoli brand is booming worldwide. Between various partnerships, and image men in their countries like Kim and Kvara, the club could paradoxically even surpass the Milan effect of a year ago. More revenues means having more chances to keep a strong team and to buy other important players for a stronger Napoli. The theory that De Laurentiis doesn’t want to win because he has to increase his salary afterwards, to paraphrase a cult phrase by Trettré sounds just like the following line: “To me, it seems like bullshit!”.

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How much is a scudetto worth for SSC Napoli: certain and potential figures | FOCUS

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