I have it with … Inzaghi is not worth a Count, even Marotta admitted it. The difference is all in the head

Lukaku and Hakimi had expressed their willingness to gain experience in other leagues, it was a strong shock because the coach left with them and we also lost the unfortunate Eriksen. ” Beppe Marotta he wanted to reiterate a position that at home Inter has been known for some time and inevitably returns to the fore in the most delicate moments: behind the 10 points less won by the reigning Italian champions in this Serie A – compared to the past one – there is the forced renunciation of some of the pillars of the formation capable of winning the last Scudetto. Among which there has never been a particular focus on Antonio Contecapable in just two seasons of transforming a group of footballers in search of identity into a team capable of hitting the qualification for a European final and then conquering a national title that was missing since the distant 2010. Creating a mentality and a psychological seal that today they are no longer so recognizable.

THE DIFFERENCE – “Inzaghi is doing very well and has strong room for growth. When he is the age of the various Ancelotti, Conte and Allegri he could be one of the best around“, added the Nerazzurri CEO. After having highlighted the importance of the goals already achieved by the Piacenza coach, who has already posted a Super Cup on the bulletin board, which in about two weeks the final of the Italian Cup will be played and that in Champions League has been able to give a more offensive and modern idea of ​​football, surrendering only to a very strong Liverpool in the round of 16 after two absolutely honorable performances. underlining, at the same time, how Inzaghi today is not yet at the level of Conte. For curriculum, experience and habit of enduring certain pressures in the highlights of the season. Pressures that safe driving can relieve, preventing your team from skidding when it shouldn’t.

FRAGILITY Samp-Inter, Lazio-Inter, Inter-Milan, Inter-Sassuolo and Bologna-Inter: in the course of a single year there are many blackouts of a team that in situations of ample control of the matches has detached the plug when it came to placing the knockout blow against opponents. If the deficit of killer instinct shown in the goal area is a fact attributable only to the players, if a team loses concentration and melts at the first difficulty in topical appointments, it means that the first technical manager – therefore Inzaghi – has not found a way to remedy a certain psychological fragility. A heavy defect for those who aspire to be or remain great. Nothing is lost, because this championship has shown us on several occasions that the perfect leaders do not exist and that Milan have repeatedly stumbled into the incident at the least suitable moment. But that the biggest difference between this and last year’s Inter is in its “spiritual” leader begins to be more than a suspicion.

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I have it with … Inzaghi is not worth a Count, even Marotta admitted it. The difference is all in the head

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