Inter, Inzaghi opens the season: “Lukaku great shot, we want to try to win the Scudetto”

The Nerazzurri coach: “Transfer market? I’m in an iron barrel with this management”

The 2022-2023 season ofInter she is ready to start and the coach has thought about introducing her Simone Inzaghi: “Our goal is to be competitive to win the Scudetto. We are starting behind Milan and there are at least five teams in the running, but we want to play for it.” The technician will have Lukaku in attack: “A great blow that will give us new offensive solutions”. Someone, for example Skriniarhe could start: “The market is unpredictable, but I am calm because with this management they are in an iron barrel and they have already shown it”.


How do you tackle a particular season like this?
We will have 20 games in three months, then we will be out for 50 days and it will be a new championship. Together with the staff we are studying the situation and we will certainly make a preparation call during the break.

How do you comment on Lukaku’s return?
I have an excellent relationship with him, last year we were not together a little. There was this opportunity and for a coach and for me it was a great market hit. However, Inter’s attack was the best of last season. Lukaku will bring us many goals and new solutions, but I don’t forget the work of my other forwards last season.

What are your goals this year?
We have to win. We all know what happened last year with the market and the management has been good at securing the company. With our work we have won two trophies and we have been competitive for the Scudetto, also transforming the judgments of the summer. This year we start behind Milan who won the Scudetto on the pitch and we will fight until the end. We want to compete to win the championship.

Should Skriniar leave, would you be worried?
We know how the market works. They are in an iron barrel, we have great executives and you all see what they can do. Skriniar is our player at the moment, last year he had a great championship and then we’ll see what happens.

What do you want to see from your team this year?
Raising the bar means winning three trophies, because last year we didn’t do it by two points. We ended the championship with applause despite having lost the Scudetto against Milan, but San Siro was all with us. We will try this year by counting on our audience.

How will you handle the situation at goal between Onana and Handanovic?
Handanovic is the starting goalkeeper because he deserves it also for last season. We know the value of Onana, he is young and he is the goalkeeper of the future. He will have his opportunities to show off.

Would Dybala be a plus or a cherry for you?
Paulo we all know him and it is useless to talk about him, he has great quality and he proved it. We assume that we have six strikers in the squad returning from an extraordinary season. It does not seem correct to me to speak of Dybala.

Does the renewal make you responsible?
It gave me enormous pleasure. I have great synergy with management and owners and we all want the good of Inter. I am happy for myself and my collaborators.

Is there a player you expect more from this season?
I can’t think of anyone because all the players gave me what we asked for. The season was excellent, very long and intense. The eighth final with Liverpool cost us a lot on a physical level. I would redo the path of last year in all respects.

How can you improve in the Champions League?
We hadn’t reached the round of 16 for 11 years, even if we could have done something more with Liverpool. The gap with the English teams, however, is wide, but with race and aggression we can have our say.

Will there be tactical alternatives to 3-5-2 with the new arrivals?
We will try to change something before the championship starts. But I like to play like this and I’m sure I have suitable players to play like this, then I know I have a lot of arrows available and you can change in the race. I already did it last year, then two important young people like Bellanova and Asllani arrived, plus Mkhitaryan who I’ve always liked and has always put me in difficulty.

Is this team more equipped and complete than last season?
Yes, what we wanted to do on the market we did. We need to replace Ranocchia’s exit and we are working towards that. I want to have 20 interchangeable outfield players because it’s going to be a particular schedule. Plus three goalkeepers and three Primavera players on a permanent basis because the youth sector is working well, like Carboni, Casadei and Zanotti.

How does your Inter change with the return of Lukaku?
Difficult to talk about July 6. I already have ideas in my head, but also last year we played in different ways according to the situations. Lukaku gives us many more solutions up front.

What path do you have in mind for Asllani?
He is a very young player who seems more mature than his age. He knows that in front of him he has Brozovic who has returned from wonderful years and that he has to steal the secrets of his teammates. We followed him for a whole year, he has quality and is growing exponentially. We strongly believe in him.

Was the market made to have more choice in turnover?
We are proud of what we have done, but we will try to improve ourselves further even if it is not easy having put some trophies on the bulletin board.

The situation is different from last year: is it an extra stimulus?
I live the pressure serenely, I have to live with it because I have to make choices every day. I know what my responsibilities are, but these make me perform even better.

Aside from Skriniar, are you comfortable with the other players?
Casadei has just returned from the Under 19 European Championship and we called him up after the holidays. The company will decide his future. For the rest, the market is unpredictable. We will certainly have a competitive Inter on August 13.

Is there already a hierarchy in Inter’s attack?
I like my teams to score. One of Lautaro, Dzeko, Lukaku etc … I hope he can win the Golden Shoe.

Will someone go on offense?
Up front I want four players, the fifth may be a young player but that is not the case with Pinamonti because he is now well established. He has many requests and we will see what happens.

Would Bremer see him only as a central defender in the three behind?
As with Dybala, I don’t want to talk about players who aren’t ours.

Did you talk to Dzeko about Lukaku’s arrival?
I spoke to Edin and we all know the importance he has for us. Also this year it will be an added value and will help us a lot.

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Inter, Inzaghi opens the season: “Lukaku great shot, we want to try to win the Scudetto”

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