Inter-Napoli 1-0, the report cards: Lukaku? No, Dzeko always thinks about it. Osimhen against a wall –

(56′ Dzeko)

The story of the race

Inter report cards – Edited by Ivan Cardia

Onana 6.5 – In the finale, his boxing gloves are also needed. Watch out for Raspadori’s shot, who could have reopened the match but not.

Skriniar 7 – Renew, not renew? For once we talk about the field. He puts Kvaradona’s ankles in his sights: he risks a yellow card, it’s not his fault if he doesn’t arrive. The approach is that of big evenings and the Georgian bites away.

Unripe 7 – Silent leader, perhaps not too much, of Inzaghi’s defense. Inconspicuous, but Osimhen is seen even less and it is certainly not obvious.

Sticks 6.5 – Less precious than usual in the restart phase, but tonight we must also and above all think about closing the spaces. It does it excellently.

Darmian 6.5 – Preferred to Dumfries for condition and also tactical choice. Guessed, to put him on Kvara: he gives a big hand to his teammates in containing the Georgian tightrope walker. Less well in the opposing area: in the first half he had a sensational goal and wasted it. (From 76′ Dumfries 6 – A thriller spent very well).

Stretcher 7 – He closes nervously like in the “good” days, making up for an avoidable yellow that Inzaghi doesn’t particularly appreciate. A pair of delicious and also useful heels to accompany a substantial competition.

Calhanoglu 6.5 – In the first half like all the Inter midfield suffers, in the second half he picks up the pace a bit and Napoli gets confused.

Mkhitaryan 7 – He sees a corridor, opens it wide to Dimarco, opens the doors to the goal that unlocks the evening for Inter. Beyond the play and its specific weight, always convincing in combining commitment and quality. (From 83′ Gagliardini sv).

Dimarco 6.5 – Ready to go, has the chance to sting but can’t find the mirror. Of him the brushstroke on the head of the Swan of Sarajevo that sends Inter to heaven. (From 64′ Gosens 6 – He sketches some bucking, but stays there also because all in all the race requires something else).

Lukaku 5.5 – Godot he has physically arrived, but to see Romelu the real one we still have to wait. First half of strengths and weaknesses, overall quite positive. The version seen in Qatar falls within the second in the field: it doesn’t last long. (From 64′ Lautaro 6 – Awards, ovation, banner. On the pitch he has yet to rediscover the polish of his best days).

Dzeko 7.5 – Difficult to relegate him to the bench after the first part of the season, and in fact Inzaghi does not give up on him. He repays him with interest: his tenth goal of the season unlocks a difficult evening. (From 76′ Correa 5.5 – It could be deadly in the spaces that Napoli leaves. Could be).

Simone Inzaghi 7 – The curse of the big matches is now behind us. He opens 2023 with a very heavy victory, for himself but also for all the other Serie A coaches. Bravo to accept the fact that measures must be taken in Kvara, as well as to free the team in the second half. He chooses Dzeko, he even keeps him on the pitch as a yellow card (!) And the Swan doesn’t betray him.

Napoli’s report cards – Edited by Mattia Alfano

Meret 6 – Inter created four clear goals in the first forty-five minutes, but committed him only once with Dimarco: the former Verona player finished from zero meters but he still responded present. He certainly has no responsibility for Dzeko’s decisive goring.

Lorenzo’s 5.5 – Bravo in supporting Politano in the possession phase, who can be reviewed without the ball: he suffers not a little from the game reversals of Inzaghi’s team.

Rrahmani 5 – Too many distractions this evening. He also has the decisive goal scored by Edin Dzeko on his conscience, who surprises him from behind and, all alone in the area, with a sure-footed header, strikes Meret.

Kim 6 – More disciplined and attentive than his team mate: he hardly loses an aerial duel and in the open field he stands up to Lukaku.

Olivera 5.5 – The same is true for his colleague from the opposite end: his performance is timid, especially as regards the second forty-five minutes.

Anguissa 6 – Engine of this machine built by Luciano Spalletti, covers every clod of the playing field, managing to be always present in both phases. From 77′ Ndombele sv

Lobotka 6 – As usual, he has the ball glued to his feet: he plays without overdoing it and orchestrates the Neapolitan maneuver with just a few touches. From 85′ Simeone sv

Zielinsky 5.5 – On paper he is Lobotka’s left arm, but in the end the Nerazzurri midfielders often find him behind them, ready to establish a direct line with Osimhen. At the start of the second half you can’t see much and so Spalletti decides to call him back to the bench. from 65′ Raspadori 6 – He tries to drag his teammates and, in full recovery, comes close to the equalizer, making Onana shiver.

Politan 5 – Called to give space on the right wing, he is completely overshadowed by the Dimarco-Bastoni duo. from 65′ Lozano 5 – Does not change the outcome of the match.

Osimhen 5.5 – He clashes with Simone Inzaghi’s defensive trio, also trying to tire Acerbi with his classic deep cuts but, in most cases, he crashes into a wall.

Kvaratskhelia 6 – Now a constant offensive reference point for his teammates: on the left-handed front he represents a continuous headache for the Skriniar-Darmian axis. Not always lucid, however, in the last choice. From 77′ Elmas sv

Luciano Spalletti 6 – His Napoli plays with boldness and personality even in a theater like the Meazza di San Siro: the result this time does not reward his boys, but in the second half he has the merit of having at least tried everything to try to reverse the course .

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Inter-Napoli 1-0, the report cards: Lukaku? No, Dzeko always thinks about it. Osimhen against a wall –

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