Inter – Verona, CM’s report cards: Calhanoglu dominates, Skriniar finishes like John Rambo

Inter-Verona 1-0

Onana 6: The 1-0 action starts from his direct play on Dzeko.

Skriniar 6.5: The duels with Djuric are certainly not a tribute to good manners: rude, ungraceful, but still functional to the context. He takes the chair especially in the final, when Inter are in trouble and he doesn’t fear the clash. At John Rambo.

Unripe 6.5: Concentrated, he magnetizes all the balls directed towards the center of the area and sweeps away every possible danger.

Sticks 6: On the spot, even if this time his left foot is of little use to him because Verona is collected and he never manages to make the accuracy of his throw count. He closes in marking on the fast Lasagna and does well.

Darmian 6: Less brilliant than usual, he practically never manages to break through from his side, but neither does he suffer from the advancing opponents.

Gagliardini 6: It’s not easy to play with San Siro that moans at your every touch, but plugs its ears and brings home a good performance. He enters the 1-0 action with the rebound shot that ends up on Lautaro’s feet.

Calhanoglu 7: Dominating the midfield, Inter travel to the rhythm of their synapses.

(From 24th St Asllani 6: Receives on the edge of the area, pretends to kick with his left foot sending the defender to the bar and with his right foot he throws a very violent right foot that grazes the top corner).

Mkhitaryan 6.5: In progression, ball and chain, he carries the ball to the opponent’s area and in fact generates the first goal by Lautaro. He succeeds again at the end of the first half, after an exchange with Dimarco, but the round shot, otherwise destined for the corner, is deflected just enough by Hien to send the ball into the corner.

(From 31st St Stretcher 6: When Verona try their latest assaults, Inzaghi thinks of him to give new energy to the midfield. He presses with his usual generosity, but leaves a few holes.)

Dimarco 6,5: Dynamic interpretation of the role of fifth: you find him wide to the left, striker, midfielder and under striker.

(From 31st St Gosens 6: With Lasagna’s entry, a little more physicality is needed and Inzaghi raises the wall with his entry. He holds up a couple of one-on-ones on the left very well.)

Dzeko 5: In the grip of the opposing central players, he manages to play few clean balls. He participates with merit in the action of the advantage.

(From 24th St Correa 6: Runs with criteria and unlike usual, seems interested in the cause. A first step).

Lautaro 7: A champion can be seen in the fundamentals, when he makes difficult things simple. For the Argentine, right or left makes no difference. He picked up a loose ball in the area and left-footed it to Montipò’s right. A few minutes later he was ready for Gagliardini’s cross, but the header was central. He fights for all the balls.

(From 44′ st Coals: sv)

Herds Inzaghi 6.5: His Inter are unable to finish the match and at times get wrapped up by Verona, but don’t concede a goal and hook Juventus with the three points.


Montipo 6: He relaxed on Lautaro’s conclusion, but the Argentine kicked precisely in the corner and from close range.

Dawidowicz 6: He tries to recover frantically on Mkhitaryan but the touch on the ball puts his defense in crisis because the action becomes a carambola until Lautaro’s goal.

(From 21st St Magnani 6: Enter the game well)

Hien 7: A granite rock knocks down or bruises anyone who happens to be in its area and is never afraid to go ball and chain. The advance on Dzeko in the penalty area is also nice, with the Nerazzurri center forward ready to collect a nice cross-shot from Dimarco. He deserves the red light for a long hold on Dzeko, but Fabbri pardons him.

Snipers 5.5: The exit on Lautaro is lazy, the Argentine coordinates and strikes Montipò with his left foot. He plays man on Gagliardini for the whole game, to then drop back into the 3 when Verona regain possession of the ball.

Depaoli 5.5: He doesn’t bring any danger from his side and every now and then Inter manages to enter.

Tamez 6: Calhanoglu follows, but the Turkish player often takes less than a second to direct the ball to the right place and sometimes runs a bit empty.

(From 21st St Veloso 6: Useful geometries for the final assault, which however does not bear fruit).

Ilic 5.5: He totally loses Mkhitaryan’s departure by spreading the red carpet for him until he enters the area and it is always he who unfortunately deflects Gagliardini’s conclusion by sending it on Lautaro’s feet for the 1-0.

(From 21st St Lasagna 5.5: You can hardly see it).

Dog 6: Wide to port, does not give Darmian space but does not sink either. Indeed, when it reaches the bottom it shows several limits).

(From 35′ st Small: sv)

Kallon 5.5: Inconsistent, forced to chase opponents up to his own penalty area.

(From 12th St Suleman 6.5: Heading ahead of the direct opponent in midfield and overlapping to get to the shot and commit Onana. He faces Barella head on, a sign of a good personality. It’s a 2002).

Lazovic 5: It never finds spaces to let off steam in the engine.

Djuric 5.5: Big and powerful, but Inter back there is structured and he finds bread for his teeth.

Marco Zaffaroni 5.5: Man on man all the way. Football amarcord. Wrap Inter, but what a bad spot in 2023.

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Inter – Verona, CM’s report cards: Calhanoglu dominates, Skriniar finishes like John Rambo

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