Inter wasted and Monza equalized in the 93rd minute Finale 2-2

Of Alessandro Bocci and Maria Strada

Inter are joined twice by Monza: goals from Darmian and Lautaro are answered by Ciurria and, in full recovery, the former Caldirola takes center stage. The Nerazzurri are 34 in the standings, 2 behind Milan

10.50 pm – The results of the 17th day

10.44 pm – Monza-Inter 2-2 in the 97th minute — Final whistle

It ends 2-2 between Monza and Inter. Sprint start, with the Nerazzurri ahead after just 10 minutes with Darmian. Biancorossi who immediately get back on track, with Ciurria equalizing after just one minute. The world champion Lautaro put his seal on in the 22nd minute and put Inzaghi’s men back in front. When there are just a few turns of the hand left before the triple whistle, the Brianza players regain the equalizer, with a header from Caldirola – formerly of the Nerazzurri youth team, who he also made his debut in the Champions League but never in the league — deflected decisively by Dumfries in the 93rd minute.

10.37 pm – Monza-Inter 2-2 with Dumfries’ own goal in the 93rd minute

Monza equalized with a header from Caldirola – formerly of the Inter youth team -, in collaboration with the deflection of Dumfries, with a header. Mkhitaryan loses the ball, Ciurria picks up and assists after the goal in the first half.

10.37 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 90th minute — 5′ added time

Dumfries in the 87th minute calls for a penalty for a tackle in the area with Carlos Augusto who, falling, touches the ball with his arm hugging his body; warned Skriniar for a dirty trick on Pessina. Caprari enters for Izzo, Palladino’s Monza goes into the final assault from the 88th minute. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

10.31 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 85th minute by Lautaro

Acerbi would head in the 81st minute, but referee Sacchi indicated that Gagliardini had committed an attacking foul on Pablo Marì. In the 84th minute Lautaro hits the post after an action in the area. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

10.26 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 80th minute – Dumfries and Gosens enter

Gagliardini booked for a foul on Alberto Carlos. Ciurria in the 78th minute from the edge tries to score twice but the ball, destined for the back of the game anyway, is blocked by Onana. Darmian can’t take it anymore and gives way to Dumfries, with Gosens also inside for Dimarco. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

10.21 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 75th minute

Pablo Marì headed in, in the 72nd minute commits Onana also thanks to a deflection by Skriniar, then the Nerazzurri defense is free, but what a thrill. In monza Colpani takes over Birindelli. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

10.17 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 71st minute

Ranocchia immediately tries to scare Onana with a free-kick from afar, but the ball is too central. Monza takes possession of the ball, but not the pace of the game, Inter tries to control. The shots are now tied (9-9). Mkhitaryan booked. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

10.12 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 66th minute Inside Gytkjaer and Ranocchia

Monza also changes, Petagna and Machin come out.

10.09 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 63rd minute Gagliardini for Barella

Third change in Inter. Also for Barella, as for Calhanoglu, some physical problems.

10.06 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 60th minute

Lukaku immediately tries to show up but is anticipated by Caldirola. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

10.01 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 56th minute Asllani and Lukaku enter

They take over Calhanoglu and Dzeko.

10.01 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 55th minute

In the 53rd minute a nice triangulation in the area between Lautaro, Darmian and Dzeko is pushed away by the red and white defense. On the opposite side, Monza tries to create but with few ideas. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

9.57 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 51st minute

Moments of nervousness for a contact between Izzo and Bastoni, with the Brianza pushing the Inter behind him in the 49th minute, then everything falls back. Punishment for the Nerazzurri from the left trocar, Dimarco puts in for Lautaro who heads high. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

21:52 – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 46th minute – there’s a change

It starts again with Caldirola for Marlon in the ranks of Monza. First ball of the second half touched by Inter. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

21:39 – The statistical data

Lautaro has taken part in 11 goals in this Serie A (8 goals and 3 assists), no one has done better (11 including Leao, Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia). The Argentine — fresh world champion — has been involved in 7 goals in his last 7 starts.

21:35 – Monza-Inter 1-2 — half time

The first half ended with a brave left-footed attempt from outside the area by Carlos Augusto. The ball lands very high on the bottom. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

21:33 – Monza-Inter 1-2 — 1′ of added time

9.30 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 42nd minute

Inter takes the upper hand in the shots, becoming 8 (of which three in the mirror) to 3 , and 5 against 1 the corners taken. Petagna tries again to be seen after an acceleration by Dani Mota, but Onana is there and blocks to the ground. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

9.25 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 37th minute

In this phase, a right-footed attempt by Lautaro from the area stands out, Di Gregorio is there. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

9.20 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 32nd minute

Very low pace in this phase, a running shot by Dimarco stands out who misses the target. Ball possession is unbalanced in favor of the Nerazzurri: 56-44%, there are four shots attempted for Inter and 3 for Monza. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

9.15 pm – Monza-Inter 1-2 in the 27th minute

The first to console the unfortunate Pablo Marì, author of the patatrac, was the goalkeeper Di Gregorio. However, Monza tries to start again. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

21:10 – Monza-Inter 1-2 on 22′ Lautaro goal

Monza’s defense bungles, Pablo Marì loses the ball in the small area and the Argentine doubles. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

9.08 pm – Monza-Inter 1-1 in the 20th minute

Monza risks doubling with Birindelli who sends into the area and Petagna who heads just over the crossbar. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

21:04 – Monza-Inter 1-1 in the 16th minute

Quick question and answer, therefore, in this Lombard derby. For the rest, there was an action by Acerbi caught offside and an attempt by Petagna to launch Carlos Augusto. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

8.59 pm – Monza-Inter 1-1 in the 12th minute Ciurria goal

Ciurria’s great left foot on Pessina’s assist, Onana is defeated. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

20:58 – Monza-Inter 0-1 in the 10th minute Darmian goal

Bastoni crosses from the right, Darmian anticipates Carlos Augusto and beats Di Gregorio in front of goal.At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

8.53 pm – Monza-Inter 0-0 in the 5th minute

In the 2nd minute Barella tries to trigger Darmian: Di Gregorio deflects for a corner in the exit, but it was offside. On the opposite front, in the 4th minute, Mota Carvalho appears particularly dangerous and creates dangers even with a header slightly above Onana’s big hand. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

8.48 pm – Monza-Inter 0-0 in the 1st minute

The match begins, first ball from Monza. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

8.47 pm – Minute’s silence for Gianluca Vialli

Even the Brianteo falls silent at the memory of Gianluca Vialli, who died yesterday at the age of only 58 from cancer.

20:42 – Inter away

Inter have conceded goals in 12 Serie A away games (W7, L5) and have not recorded a longer streak away from home, conceding at least once since the period between May 1987 and October 1988, when they reached 18 under Giovanni Trapattoni.

20:39 – Monza for the third at home

After 2-0 against Verona and the 3-0 against Salernitana, Monza could score three wins in a row at home for the first time in the top division. Also considering Serie B, the red and white have not succeeded since last April: three, all with clean sheets.

8.27 pm – Inter beat their 68th opponent if they win

With a success, Inter could equal Roma on 68 as the team that has found victory against the most different opponents in the history of Serie A (there are also Juventus, Lazio, Bologna and Fiorentina on 67).

20:19 – Inter, 9 wins in a row against the newly promoted teams: the 10th only with Cuper

Inter are unbeaten in 25 Serie A rounds against newly promoted teams (W22, D3). More specifically, the Nerazzurri are returning from nine consecutive wins against opponents from Serie B and could reach 10 in a row for the first time since 2003, with Hector Cuper on the bench.

20:12 – The official formations: Lukaku still on the bench

The official formations of Monza-Inter: Pablo Marì returns to the starting lineup after the stabbing immediately in October.
Monza (3-4-2-1): Gregory’s; Marlon, Pablo Mari, Izzo; Birindelli, Pessina, Machin, Carlos Augusto; Ciurria, Mota Carvalho; Petagna. Trainer. Palladino.
Inter Milan (3-5-2): Onana; Skriniar, Unripe, Staves; Darmian, Barella, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Dzeko, Lautaro. Trainer: Inzaghi.
Referee: Bags.
. At this link Monza-Inter minute by minute.

18:53 – For Inzaghi there is no alternative to victory

(Paolo Tomaselli) As happens to those who are late, there are no alternatives to victory if you want to nurture hope for the Scudetto, officially reactivated by Inzaghi also in the press conference before the match against Napoli. The Monza, Verona, Empoli, Cremonese mini-cycle, with the Coppa Italia with Parma in between (Tuesday) and the Super Cup with Milan (on the 18th in Riyadh) will lead Inter to another derby, even more important: Inter- Milan will fall on February 5, as in 2022, when Giroud in 3 minutes turned an evening that was looking good for the Nerazzurri into a nightmare after Perisic’s goal. To set up the rematch you need to stock up: Inter seem to have found the right hunger, that “desire to help themselves” (Inzaghi dixit) which hadn’t always been there. Confirmations are awaited. Heavy.

6.45 pm – The return of the Lukaku-Lautaro duo

(Paolo Tomaselli)
The full-time return of Romelu Lukaku, who could start starting again today with Lautaro Martinez next to him, gave the Nerazzurri a further boost and above all allowed them to play covered and lined up against Napoli, taking advantage of the Belgian’s ability to give depth, to strike from the restart in the heart of the other people’s defence. This set-up, in the first three days of the championship with Lukaku skilled and enlisted, had never been so clear-cut. In the sense that Inter still had last season’s game in mind, but without Perisic and with an extra Lukaku. Against an opponent who is neither Napoli nor Barcelona, ​​but more like Atalanta, it will be interesting to see which path Inter will choose to overcome yet another labyrinth away from the San Siro.

6.20 pm – Palladino wants “twenty-six animals”

(Paolo Tomaselli) It won’t be easy, for the quality of an opponent who dreams of another memorable match after the one with Juve and it is no coincidence that Palladino wants his people to turn into “twenty-six animals”. But even against ordinary bipeds, Inter have always suffered away from home, even when they have won: in Lecce, in Reggio, in Florence. Beyond the 3-2 final, perhaps the very last match before the break – in Bergamo against Atalanta – was the confirmation of a team that crossed the ford at the beginning of the season.

18:03 – First Inter goal: don’t concede away goals

(Paolo Tomaselli) One piece at a time: to build a new Inter and give solidity to the still vague dreams of a Scudetto comeback, revitalized by the success against Napoli, Inzaghi’s team needs a further step, a signal to give to the others, but above all to themselves. After silencing the best attack in the league, the Nerazzurri will try to do what they have never been able to do in the first part of the season tonight in Monza: come out of an away match without conceding a goal.

17:34 – Where to see Monza-Inter

Where to see Monza-Interthe last of the three advances of the 17th day of Serie A.

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Inter wasted and Monza equalized in the 93rd minute Finale 2-2

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