Inzaghi: “Agreed with the club, the defender arrives and the transfer market is closed. Gosens plays in Lecce “

Now we are, the new season of Inter will restart on Saturday at 20.45. Here are the words of Inzaghi on the eve of the away match in Lecce

Alessandro Cosattini

Now here we are, the new season of theInter. On the eve of the trip to Lecce for matchday 1 of Serie A, the Nerazzurri coach Simone Inzaghi takes the floor today at 3 pm in a press conference. Here are the statements of him, between the field and the market, reported in full by FCINTER1908:

Finally we start again. How satisfied are you with the pre-season and how much desire is there?

“There is a great desire for this debut, we have done a good job with the boys since July 6, even with those who arrived later. We have played many games, very competitive, we wanted to compete with teams that are physically ahead. Fortunately, tomorrow except for D ‘Ambrosio, who wanted to be there at all costs but we decided to keep him off until Monday, will all be available for Lecce “.

Is Brozovic ready to be the owner? Where are you in the market?

“I think Brozo will be in the match tomorrow, he trained regularly. Transfer market, the team is the one agreed with the club and owners, this will be the team, we need a central to replace Ranocchia, the club is working and I think I don’t have to talk about it anymore. from here to the end because our market in and out is closed “.

What do you think of Lukaku’s pre-season?

“He’s going well, he’s working well like the other attacking players, he’s been away a year, he’s integrating in the best way. I’m very happy with him and everyone, even Sanchez and Pinamonti who worked very well up to a few days ago. We decided to focus on these four that give me great guarantees “.

Have you ever had two goalkeepers so strong?

“He is a great resource. We all know Handanovic, we know his value. Onana is very smart, he is doing very well. He is sunny, he has integrated very well. He will have opportunities already this year. It is not a problem, on the contrary. one more very important option “

You restart from two trophies won at Inter in the first year and a close scudetto. Is there anything that makes you believe it could be another great year?

“It has to be, we are Inter and we have a duty to aim for the best. We lost Perisic who was very important and made other choices, we brought back Lukaku and took functional players like Mkhitaryan, Onana, Asllani and Bellanova who are young and with quality, we try to aim for the maximum knowing that last year we did an excellent run with two trophies and lost a championship by 2 points. We have strong opponents who have invested a lot, they also know that Inter will be there all year. “

The teaching of last season?

“We analyzed, we hugged several times, the image of the last match is on everyone’s mind, as the Nerazzurri people gathered around us. Usually 84 points are enough for the Scudetto, but we found a better team than us in the league and we have to do even better. “

More or less certainty this year compared to the last one at the start of the season?

“I have certainties, I have an extra year of work with the team and the players. I inherited the same form, but with new players, with the fans I had a great time, tomorrow the championship will start again and it will be difficult. Many teams will fight to win like us. , now my focus for the present is only on Lecce where we find a newly promoted who will have an audience, enthusiasm, a team that has been playing since last year together with a good coach, we will have to play a real match from Inter to win. “

The new signings and Gosens?

“They all worked in the best way, for tomorrow as regards the game I have some doubts that I will dissolve the day of the game. I have pairs in all roles except in the center of defense and they all put me in difficulty.”

Pride or concern?

“Pride, thanks to the guys, to the team, we have been a unique thing. Fortunately we have won trophies, but we must not look back, but forward, it will be a difficult and anomalous championship, new for everyone with 22 games until November. Who will not go at the World Cup he will make a second retreat, for the others it will be more demanding, especially for those who finish “.

Have you been working on anything in particular in the last few days?

“In the last week the workloads have clearly decreased. The matches have been very intense, but we wanted it, we have to start immediately in the best way.”

Did you have the reassurance that there will be no excellent transfer from the property then?

“I don’t talk about the transfer market as an Inter coach, it’s right that the team remains this one. The club and the owners know that a defender is missing and they are working on it. My focus is on Lecce, not on the transfer market, nor on the transfer market. inbound or outbound “.

“The substitute will arrive, many times Skriniar has been employed there and he did it very well. Danilo did it without de Vrij and Skriniar. D’Ambrosio and Darmian are the luck of every coach, they give their contribution everywhere. if there were no substitute, Skriniar would play in the center of the defense “.

Darmian in the 3 and Dimarco outside?

“I wanted to try other situations, we had a little problem with Gosens, I alternated between Darmian and Dimarco. Robin is back in the best possible way. Tomorrow I think there is no doubt, Gosens will play from fifth left”.

“I think I answered, Gosens is doing very well, he works every day with his teammates to always improve”.

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Inzaghi: “Agreed with the club, the defender arrives and the transfer market is closed. Gosens plays in Lecce ”

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