Italian, Jovic and Torreira: three cases. On the coach too much poison

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Enzo Bucchioni

I am not absolutely surprised, it was not the first and it will certainly not be the last time that exaggerated and useless controversies arise around Fiorentina. The last month has bordered on nihilism, other than Guelphs and Ghibellines. I still don’t understand why there is always the desire to make the sea, to throw everything away, to destroy, but maybe that’s my problem.

The ups and downs are a feature of life and football is no exception. The moments of difficulty come when you least expect them and to get out of them you need serious analysis to save what is good, but also to evaluate the errors and negative situations, all with a cold mind, the ability to intervene in the ways and right times to correct and restart.

It is clear that Fiorentina started the season well below expectations, we all agree on this. In some games (Instabul above all) it was even difficult to understand what was happening, but also to accept what happened, what we saw. Mental problem? Physical problem? Failure to get used to the double championship-cup match on the part of everyone, including the coach? Accidents? Forwards in crisis? Or game module? There are many problems and questions that have rightly stimulated the analyzes and debates. Football is discussed and when it is done with the right amount of serenity and detachment, it is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable discussions for those with a passion for a team or for this sport. In Florence all this is not enough. It’s different. Too different.

There is always a fringe, among those who talk about football publicly, which tends to subjective and not objective analyzes. Journalists, commentators or whatever, should be the first to have a super partes analytical capacity. Glossy, cold, essential. This does not mean that the analyzes (including mine) are the right ones, sometimes hypotheses are made, a way is sought to understand. The right of opinion is one of the cornerstones of democracy and I certainly do not want to silence someone. With equal serenity, however, I can say that too many do not seek a serene analysis, in too many (the usual) there is always an underlying prejudice.

If I’m friends with Tizio … then it’s different. If I don’t like Caio and he didn’t make me work, I just wait to beat him up. If Sempronio has bought a player I don’t like because his agent… I’ll wait for him at the gate. In this climate, either you are perfect, or the team is traveling at full speed, or there is always some poison to pull out. Let’s face it: there are people who are waiting for nothing else. I also think to get noticed by shooting them big because the professional baggage is little.

Critical yes, but constructive

I repeat so as not to be misunderstood: criticism is welcome. Criticize. Maybe even those who follow politics did it … Critical yes, but constructive. No to criticism to destroy, muddy, condition and abuse. In recent weeks I have read and heard of all colors. One of his favorite targets has become the Italian coach who is perhaps wrong in not attending certain Florentine salons, who only thinks of working and doing business with him, who is not a pimp or a presidentialist.

But is it possible to say that he should be exonerated because he misses all the changes, he doesn’t know how to train, he is a Taliban, he has the wrong preparation, he has had the transfer market done by the club and such amenities? All after six or seven games and even less, all after an amazing season that brought Fiorentina back to Europe and in the spotlight for the good game. Speaking of the game, this is a slaughter game. The coach certainly paid for the inexperience of the double commitment, at times there was an excess of turnover, some more solutions it was logical to expect and so far we are. He is certainly the first to be unhappy with this start, but everything that has been around his bench is of an excess and also of an unacceptable gravity. And the toughest are always those who then play pimp and profess to be Fiorentina fans. Italian is a coach who has his own football ideas, his work in the last five or six years has been exceptional, does he deserve to be questioned for everything he does? After so few games? The analyzes must be made, the criticisms as well, but those who go beyond destabilize.

It is one thing to say “from Italian we expect more”, “he must quickly understand where to intervene”, “perhaps he has too much turnover”, another to make it clear that the whole team is against, that he no longer understands anything, that the sooner you hunt the better. I heard this too. The same coach who last year scored 22 points more than the previous year and was praised by the sacred monsters of the bench such as Lippi and Sacchi, just to name two. I am absolutely on his side if he has decided not to speak this past weekend. But a coach may be told “why doesn’t he make a man mark Tizio or Caius?”. He means not having understood anything of the work philosophy of a professional who loves and preaches another type of football. Just for one thing … Or can you pretend nothing has happened in front of those who have infamoused you without knowing how to talk about football, but regardless? Sometimes it’s hard to do it …

And if the criticisms are to be accepted, it is not compulsory to accept them when they become offensive to professionalism, when they are spurious or are aimed at destabilizing. Do not listen to those who enjoy when things go badly because they wanted another market, because they can’t stand Commisso, because they are in certain Florentine circles of friends where there is no Fiorentina … The poison that has been circulating in the last month goes far beyond the not brilliant results. I say this because I am pleased if Fiorentina are doing well, certainly not because I am a friend of Rocco Commisso whom I met once three years ago in passing, because I hope to work with him (at my age …) or for flattery that I don’t even know what. is. Italian he gave his answer on the pitch.

He decided to go his own way, to keep the players on the bench who at this moment give him less confidence (Jovic and Cabral), cleverly modified not the tactical module, but the interpretation of the module, playing more vertically and by having a midfielder (Barak) enter. In short, he showed that he was a coach in the fullest of his qualities and his abilities, which for me are not few. Go on like this, I just hope it is the beginning of a restart towards a serenity that allows you to work better. All that remains is to wait for the recovery of the injured and the transfer market in January if the two forwards in question are not released in the coming months. End.

But as if the controversy over Italian weren’t enough, here’s another one about Jovic. It is said that he did not want to enter to protest the exclusion. Then it turns out that he has not even trained with Serbia because he was really not well. So? But then, if Jovic refused to enter, it’s Jovic’s problems. Italian is making his choices and a player who does not know what humility is, who struggles to find himself, it is also right to send him on the bench. Do you know how many such episodes happen in the locker room? And then one thing if Messi protests, another Jovic who we are still waiting to understand if he really wants to go back to being a decisive player.

I come to Torreira and to Nico’s goal perhaps dedicated to him. Everyone in his life does what he wants and friendship is sacred. But, even among the critics, who continues to glorify Torreira, who regrets him, who takes selfies with him and stuff like that, doesn’t it seem excessive? We want to get the message across that the farewell to Torreira was a bullshit. It is right to say it quickly if one thinks it, but to repeat and do everything that is happening (for me instrumental) is nonsense. It only serves to show that they are incapable in Fiorentina. Not even the coach has insisted on Torreira and the reasons are there, it would be enough to know them.

And then, if Nico dedicates the goal to his friend Torreira, can I say who cares?

If it’s really a gesture of challenge or a provocation I don’t care, I will evaluate Nico Gonzalez from his performances on the pitch and I expect a lot from him. And if he goes to Torreira I repeat who cares. If they both don’t like Italian, then the last thing that worries me is the important thing is that Nico loves the purple shirt and soon returns to play ninety minutes at his level. If he does this (I have no doubt) this poison too will have been scattered empty …

And then I go back to the poisoners of wells, fake Fiorentina fans (the real ones can do everything). Have you ever thought that if the Viola were accompanied by greater tolerance, if the criticisms were circumstantial and not just shot in the pile, if there was a less tense environment, the team could also perform better? Of course, the critics of nothing don’t go on the pitch, but positivity helps …

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Italian, Jovic and Torreira: three cases. On the coach too much poison

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