Jacobs at home. Now the exams to understand when he can return to compete

The Olympic champion, after a second night spent in hospital for the intestinal virus, returned from Kenya. From the checks it will be possible to understand if there will be in Savona in 10 days

Marcell Jacobs, behind the very troubled Kenyan trip, returned to Italy, landed Fiumicino – via Amsterdam, after taking off last night at 23 Italian from Nairobi – just before lunchtime. For the Olympic champion, who should have made his debut in the outdoor season on Saturday, returning to 100 for the first time since his triumph in Tokyo, the last 72 hours have been particularly complex. Leaving him a physical situation that will be deepened and some relative question marks about the immediate competitive future.

The man from Brescia, who was supposed to leave Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital on Saturday evening where he had been hospitalized since Friday, was actually discharged only yesterday afternoon. Blame the persistence of the discomfort caused by the gastrointestinal virus that hit him on the eve of his expected return. Not even yesterday, however, did conditions improve much. So much so that the program has changed from hour to hour, up to a decisive medical consultation. Marcell, at that point – like the physiotherapist Alberto Marcellini, in turn struggling with high fever, vomiting and dysentery – after a short passage in the not far Safari Park Hotel which had hosted him in the first days of his stay, on board in a minibus, took the way of the Jomo Keniatta International Airport. Along with him, of course, also the inseparable coach Paolo Camossi, sort of older brother and the manager Marcello Magnani.

The environment

Before the start, to make everything even more paradoxical, the 94th Mashemeji Derby took place, the heartfelt football derby between the reigning national champions of Gor Mahia and the Afc Leopards (a weak 1-1). The area around the Moi International Sports Center, already the scene of the Kip Keino Classic races on Saturday, was paralyzed for hours. Also making connections to and from hospital and hotel very complicated. Not to mention the expected marathon run in the city in the morning, won by Brimin Kipruto in 2h08’56 “and Agnes Barsosio in 2h24’45” (both a prize of 60,000 dollars), remarkable times given that it was run at 1800 meters above sea level.

The coach

“The doctors – explained Camossi – have removed the reserve after the last necessary treatments, to ensure that the long journey could be as less stressful as possible. Marcell is tired and debilitated, he just wants to rest and sleep. He has already canceled a series of commitments foreseen in the next few days and as soon as we arrive in Rome we will undergo the necessary examinations to verify to what extent the virus has affected it and to exclude that even I, even though I do not suffer from any symptoms, is involved “. The blue sprinter yesterday morning, in hospital, had received the welcome visit of Ferdinand Omanyala, the 26-year-old Kenyan winner of “his” 100 in 9 “85 on Saturday – at this moment the most prominent athlete in the country – who presented himself with lots of gifts While then, reluctantly, he politely said no to other possible meetings with politicians and local authorities.

“Doctor Maria Rosaria Squeo (for years in the medical health staff of FIDAL led by Professor Andrea Billi and in December joined the technical health committee set up at the Ministry of Health, ed) will be in charge of the case – says the Dr. Ferrario, in turn for a long time in the “team” and always following the national team -: Covid aside, we know viruses like the back of our hands, there is no need to worry. Some blows, however, get high, leave the sign. The extent of intestinal infections depends on the viral load. For this it will be advisable to carry out a series of tests at the School of Sports Medicine in Rome. Marcell will have to replenish, drink lots of fruit juices and be calm. The advice is not to have hurry. When will we see him again in the race? I would preach caution, but it depends on when he can get back on his feet and, therefore, get back to training. Usually, in situations like this, he loses about a week ana. The 200 in Savona are scheduled in ten days. We will see. The good thing is that there are no opponents of absolute rank and therefore … “. By the way: yesterday Christian Coleman, indicated by many as Jacobs’ number 1 rival, won the 100th of the Gold stage of the Continental Tour in Tokyo in 10 “09. Nothing to worry about too much.

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Jacobs at home. Now the exams to understand when he can return to compete

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