Juve-Benfica, Di Maria asks Milik: “Why did he replace you?”

TURIN – First signs of impatience for Angel Di Mariawhich criticizes the replacement of Arek Milik in a moment at the end of the race taken by the cameras and immediately went viral, and at the end of the race he headed for the locker room leaving the team to face the angry curve. As if the second knockout in the first two games wasn’t enough from Champions Leaguea unique event in the history of Juventus, the relationship with the Argentine has begun to deteriorate. Entered against the Benfica with the game in progress, he offered an opaque performance both from the physical point of view, also thanks to the recent muscular problem, and from the mental one. With two episodes that make us reflect on the setting of the Fideo in black and white.

What Di Maria told Milik

The first happened at 70 ‘, when Merry replaced Milik, author of a good testinserting Beans And Kean for Kostic. A judgment, that on the test of the Pole, also shared by Di Maria, who at the end of the game, according to the video analyzed by Prime Video, he stopped to talk to his teammate asking him why he was substituted. In addition to interpreting the lip and the “porqué” pronounced by the Argentine, his mimicry is eloquent: a hand points to the bench while he repeats “porqué”, followed by the gesture of the change and a puzzled face. A reconstruction to which Milik, when asked about the episode, preferred to gloss over: “What we said remains between us”. In addition, of course, to the viewers of Prime Video.

Di Maria does not go under the curve

After greeting the opponents and talking with his teammate, Di Maria left the field as the team fearfully approached the curve, literally angry with the bianconeri. A slow caracollo with his head down, concluded before going to the locker room with a hug to a Lusitanian manager, evidently an old acquaintance of Fideo, who took his first steps in Europe in Lisbon. While the curve insulted his teammates, Di Maria left the field dejected: “Angel did half training with the team – it was the reconstruction of Allegri on the Argentine’s test and on the change -. Then I removed Milik because putting Di Maria, who he was not in condition, I had to remove a striker, because with the two midfielders we gave ourselves even more to them. Milik seemed more tired than Vlahovic and I put in an extra midfielder. ” Between injuries and frictions, the impression is that Juve now also has one less Di Maria.

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Juve-Benfica, Di Maria asks Milik: “Why did he replace you?”

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