Juve, Kostic is in a hurry: it is already hunting for Sassuolo. And Paredes awaits Rabiot

TURIN – After the barrels between June and July, in the order Pogba, Di Maria and Bremer, Massimiliano Allegri, who today blows 55 candles on the birthday cake, is waiting for more gifts. One will arrive this morning and there should also be added a “finally”: why the wait for Filip Kostic lasted longer than imaginable, but now it’s over. The Serbian, taken from Eintracht Frankfurt for a total amount of 17 million including bonuses, will land in Caselle early this morning and it is to be expected that, already at the airport, he will get to know the Juventus fans who remained in the city. August. Then in the afternoon he will have the opportunity to fill up with autographs and selfies at J Medical for the ritual visits, before signing the three-year contract (from 3.5 million a year including bonuses): it will be a full day for Kostic, with Allegri who can’t wait to have him with him for training, so that he can already throw him against Sassuolo in mid-August at the first of the championship. And why not, as a starter: after all, the Serbian is more advanced in preparation than his new teammates, having started earlier and having already faced a Bundesliga match (heavy defeat against Bayern).

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Juve, Cuadrado recovers for Sassuolo: the probable formation. Kostic is a candidate


The left winger will have few training sessions with Juventus in his legs, but it doesn’t matter: in that area of ​​the pitch there is great need and the Serbian arrives in a very good and well trained state of form. If all goes as expected, the presence of Kostic with Sassuolo, even just starting from the bench, will give Allegri the possibility to change tactical set-up even in the race, passing to the three-man defense to take advantage of the thrust on the flanks. Moreover, Cuadrado will return, yesterday returning to train in a group. Kostic’s arrival has been postponed due to some technical issues related to the transfer from Eintracht to Juventus, but today the winger will finally be in Turin. So Allegri, having received the first gift, will be waiting for the next ones.

Paredes, Arthur and Rabiot

And the next could be Leandro Paredes, which for weeks has been waiting for developments on the Juventus front: the contacts are constant and almost daily between the parties, the Argentine’s temptation to take up the challenge is great, but there are still some joints to fix before making Allegri the director he needs in front of the defense, to dictate the pace of the game and give balance. At least one exit in the department is needed (and not that of the young Rovella): the track that should lead Arthur to Valencia has become complicated, if only because the player’s salary is too heavy for the coffers of the Spanish club and Juventus do not he wants to contribute so massively, at least at the moment. The Brazilian remains with the suitcase ready, but Adrien Rabiot could anticipate it. It all depends on the mother-agent Veronique: in the next 48 hours a direct contact is expected between Mrs. Rabiot and Manchester United, to follow up on the call from the coach Ten Hag to the player. It is not easy to deal with mother Veronique and everyone knows this, including Juventus: the Frenchman earns 7 million net in Juventus, to go to Manchester, without the Champions League, the player’s entourage would like to ask for something more and also have technical guarantees and on use, considering the World Cup in a few months and the place to be defended in a national team full of talent. The feeling is that it will take several bets between the mother-agent and United to reach a conclusion, which Juventus hopes will be positive: Rabiot is due to expire in 2023, so this is the last opportunity to monetize the sale of a player who arrived on a free transfer in 2019. And for Rabiot it is the opportunity, even without the Champions League, to fulfill the dream of playing in the Premier League.

Juventus, the strategy for Rabiot at Manchester United

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Juventus, the strategy for Rabiot at Manchester United

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Juve, Kostic is in a hurry: it is already hunting for Sassuolo. And Paredes awaits Rabiot

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