Juve, Miretti burns stages and climbs hierarchies: in that gesticulation there is a world and now Allegri has a certainty

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The dreams of an 8-year-old boy with a Nedved poster in his bedroom, which become concrete like a starting shirt hanging in the locker room of the Allianz Stadium, like the standing ovation that the fans give him when he leaves the pitch, like the handshakes by Allegri and his teammates on the bench. Exactly one year ago, Fabio Miretti took the field in Vinovo, for the clash at the top between Juventus Spring And Rome. The match ended with the result of 2 to 2, a tie grabbed by the bianconeri at the end, thanks also to the usual contribution of the midfielder born in 2003. 365 days later, the embrace of Zakaria in the tunnel, a half smile to ease the tension and then off, running towards the pitch for the warm-up, before the debut in the first team as a starter.

With a steady hand, and not at all shaky, he takes the keys to the midfield. With a steady foot, and not at all shaky, he is immediately involved in the match, he makes the team turn, he proposes and verticalizes, looking for non-trivial passing lines, exploring trajectories that have rarely been seen during the season. Not only that, he chases the opponent and breaks the pace of Venice, demonstrating great skills in the two phases. What amazes even more, however, is his personality. He never hides behind the man, on the contrary, he desperately tries to unmark himself to touch as many balls as possible; when he is not directly involved, he gestures and directs the movements and passages of his teammates. In that gesticulation, which goes on throughout the match, there is the head of a seasoned football player; It was a 2003 debut as a starter, but the pressure left her in the locker room, no trace on the pitch.

As a demonstration of the trust that Allegri and the team place in him, the taking charge of beating set pieces. It is he, in the 7th minute, who puts the ball on the far post, for the bank of de Ligt that leads to Bonucci’s goal. Still him, 10 minutes later, to pocket in the outside area, to throw himself on the rebound and touch a goal that would have been the icing on an already high pastry cake. At 75 ‘he repeats himself, putting in the middle a corner that turns into 2 to 1, again by Bonucci.

Un performance, that of Fabio Miretti, which is a message. Now Allegri knows it, he has had proof of it, he can count on him for this season finale, because he has the quality and the head to hold up the Serie A stage.. The 2003 class has forged ahead, since he entered the Juve world at the age of 8, from that afternoon in Vinovo 1 year ago, through the Under 23s to his debut as a starter in the first team; he has climbed the hierarchy, for the last acts of the championship. He has put the management in crisis, which will have to choose what to do with the rich package of prospective midfielders, also composed of Rovella, Ranocchia and Fagioli. At the end of the season, evaluations, choices on the future, loans and sales, or joining the squad of the first team. For this reason, Miretti’s message cannot go unheard.

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Juve, Miretti burns stages and climbs hierarchies: in that gesticulation there is a world and now Allegri has a certainty

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