Juve, opportunities in midfield: Kanté-Gundogan, stars in the deadline

TURIN – Heavy wage and, given the 31 years of both, little or no chance to sell them in the future. That is the exact opposite of what Juventus’ new market strategy would require, which will be focused on finding young players, or in any case under 30, to launch and promote. A bit like what happened in the past with Vidal or Pogba. Every rule, however, has its exceptions, more than ever in football: the Juventus victories in recent years, as well as on the aforementioned shots, were also based on the ability to seize free-transfer opportunities relating to players who are not very young. Pirlo or Khedira, to name two more. Right in midfield, the old reign of the Maestro and the “Professor of insertions”, as Allegri called the German midfielder, 2023 could present two opportunities for which it would be worthwhile to derogate from the age and engagement guidelines: N’Golo Kanté and Ilkay Gundogan, both expiring their contracts, respectively with Chelsea and Manchester City. Obviously, both the Blues and the Citizens could offer the two midfielders offers for renewal that Juventus would not even be able to approach. Precisely the economic overwhelming power of the two Premier League champions, however, could also allow them to decide to fetch millions of other younger midfielders, letting the two big players go. Getting to Kanté o Gundogan it would still be complicated because there would certainly be competition, but it would be worth a try. Also because in the department the Juventus team will almost certainly lose Adrien Rabiot, who will also expire in June.

From French to French: Kanté to replace Rabiot

To replace the contribution to the defensive phase guaranteed by the Frenchman, few solutions could be better than that represented by his national team mate who plays for Chelsea. With the meter of him and 68 centimeters in height for 70 kilos of weight Kanté certainly does not have the imposing physicality of Rabiot, one meter and 88 for 71 kilos, but strength, dynamism, determination, ability to read situations have always made him appear gigantic on the pitch. Or, better still, they have always given the feeling that there were two Kantés running on the grass. Maybe it is possible that in the future Kanté will only run for … one and a half, but it is difficult to think that at 31 he could have run out of gas. As for the future, it will also depend on the feeling that he will establish with the new coach Graham Potter and on his ideas about the next Chelsea. With Pogba he would certainly form a world-class pair of mezzals (in the literal sense of the word).

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Gundogan, quality injection

More physical than Kanté, with his meter and 80 by 80 kilos, Gundogan in the Juventus midfield (like in any other) above all, however, it would bring an enormous dose of technical quality and game vision, as well as a remarkable feeling with the opponent’s goal. Those qualities that have made him a staple of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City since 2016, when the Catalan coach, just landed on the bench of the English club, asked for and obtained his purchase from Borussia Dortmund. An importance, that of Gundogan for Guardiola, which would seem to exclude the possibility of his farewell as a free agent, but as said Manchester City could easily decide to focus on younger talents, from Gavi to Pedri just to mention two ideal players for the his game (not surprisingly they grew up in Barça). In Juventus he would certainly solve several problems in supplying the attackers.

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Allegri and the cheerfulness. Juve, this is how we get out of the crisis

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Juve, opportunities in midfield: Kanté-Gundogan, stars in the deadline

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