Juve-Salernitana, six questions to Rocchi. The images are there, just look at them better

TURIN – It’s nobody’s fault. If anything, a camera that, damned, did not capture Candreva’s position. One day a mechanic confessed to me that when you don’t want to admit a mistake you have to throw it on the technician to confuse the interlocutor. And in fact, for two days, in order not to explain what happened in the Juventus-Salernitana final, we talk about cameras, image streams, angles, automation and then the president of the FIGC arrives who absolves everyone with an almost hypnotic declaration: ” revealed an error but they were not wrong, neither the referees nor the Var ». Cardinal corollary to the Hague communiqué which claimed to “clarify” by simply stating that the right images were not available. From the game of three cards to that of sixteen cameras: Banti wins, Milik loses, virgin ladies. Nobody, first the referee designator Gianluca Rocchi, answered six fundamental questions on the story of the unjustly canceled goal at Juventus.

1) How is it possible that six referees, four in the field and two in the Var, have lost Candreva? That is, how they did, when they drew the lines, not to wonder where that player with the white shirt had ended up, very visible in the images that shoot Cuadrado from below while he beats the corner, images that everyone, including them, has seen on TV? Is it really possible that everyone has been distracted and forgotten about the player who, since corners have existed, has placed himself near the end line a few meters from the bezel?

2) Why did the assistant Trinchieri, who had seen everything well, not intervene in the dialogue between the Var and the referee Marcenaro asking if the offside line had been drawn on Candreva or not? Have we reached this point of submission to the video referee totem?

3) Regarding point 2, is it possible to listen to the dialogue between the Var and the referees on the pitch?

4) Why was Bonucci’s offside considered active when he does not touch the ball and does not in any way disturb the goalkeeper who looks away and, moreover, would never, ever arrive on that ball?

5) Why, seeing and reviewing the images in search of Bonucci’s offside, did no one realize that Bonucci himself had been pulled by the shirt until he was almost naked by his opponent? Why, then, was not a more than logical rigor assigned?

6) Because the hypothesis of a technical error was not taken into consideration, after the whole world of football unanimously recognized Milik’s goal as valid, which, scored at the last minute of Juventus-Salernitana, affected it in a way determining the result?

We need clarity, we need answers. Because the problem of Juventus-Salernitana are not the missing images, but a superficial and clumsy use of those available as well as a fallacious communication between those who refereed on the field (in theory the ruler of that game, in theory …) and who he did so in the direction of Lissone. Do not hide behind an alleged technological flaw by throwing it, very Italian, on the indifference of the technical means should have more and then yes it would work as abroad. No, damn it, it would be enough to use better those you have and maybe even the eyes, human, of those who referee live. While Stefano Pioli, the AC Milan coach, also talks about the “unsettling situation that occurred in Turin”, other coaches, players and managers are a little perplexed by the extent of Sunday night’s error that opened an impressive crack in the Var’s credibility.

No one will return the points to Juventus, but returning to the fans a more transparent reconstruction and, perhaps, a very human admission of guilt would not only be an act of justice, but perhaps it would repair that crack avoiding the malicious suspicion of bad faith from getting inside it, which it never existed and never will exist in reality, but it has populated the imagination and chatter of Italians for years. Furthermore, a little sincerity would make the climate “more serene”, as the federal president wisely hopes. But first someone needs to take responsibility for Sunday night’s mess and, no, it can’t be a camera.

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Juve-Salernitana, six questions to Rocchi. The images are there, just look at them better

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